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Create Objects / wich prg ?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Andre_1th, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Wich programm do you use to create 3ds files. 3D Studio Max ?
    So without this prg (or some converter) it's not possible to create objects, right ?
  2. Lots of programs can export as .3ds. I use Anim8or because I like the simple interface. And because it's free. Blender is also free but I found there were too many things that I'd never use.

  4. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    SketchUp exports textures in it's own retarded way. But it's easily remedied in the XPacker.
  5. If you have chance to get, 3dsmax or C4D are the programms with most possibilities (not only for objectbuilding) but it´s take a little bit time to learn.
    I try sketchup too, it is very intuitive operable. But it is often create to much polygones and the textur mapping/ handle was braking my workflow.

  6. One problem with Sketchup is about vertexes - looks like Sketchup does not care for them. Say you are drawing a rectangle, so it has one face, two polygons and four vertex. Then at the edge of that rectangle you are drawing another one, at the angle 90 degrees (so it looks like letter L - one edge is common for both). Then results from Sketchup's import will be two faces, four triangles, etc. Nothing about vertex, but there will be 8 vertex instead of 6 - Sketchup does not merge them automatically (or I could not find any tool for them there). Imagine how it works if you create many more edges for the nice detailed house.
    One of my friends (outside of RD) told me that. It is easy to clean that mess in 3DsMax, but you may need first to have this one... And learn a little.
    Also when grouping in Sketchup, it exports the model like couple objects put together (shortly). I've been using groups to avoid dividing faces with more polygons, but I don't know if this causes more mess for now.
  7. I have a program called gMax.

    It's a few years old but was based on the 3DSMax of the time but it's free. It would have been updates, but Autodesk decided to stop it and work on Max.

    You can still download the last version from turbosquid.com here: http://www.turbosquid.com/gmax

    I haven't actually used it yet - I only downloaded it a few days ago and haven't got around to using it. Before then I used sketchup, which is ok because it's easy to use, but it does have its problems.
  8. Yes sir !, couldn't remember the name of this great prg wich I used years ago to create sceneries for M$ Flightsim.
    :thanks:so much .
  9. I'm pretty sure that gmax doesn't have the export support for dae or 3ds. Kinda stupid if u ask me, every 3d software has support for 3ds lol.

    I don't want to sound like I am repeating myself :D but if you want to use free 3d modelling software then the best bet is Blender, it has support for a lot of different file types including 3ds and dae. http://www.blender.org/
  10. @Mianiak: There seems to be a way to import/export 3ds with Gmax, need more googling, no time now, will come back on it.
    Found btw another 3D modeling prg: trueSpace7.61 seems also possible to work with 3ds files, not tested yet.
  11. Learning SketchUp now, great prg indeed guys, tnx :)
    Maybe we start a new SketchUp thread? discover some little probs.
    There are other inherent forums but I prefer to discuss here.
  12. +1 - Blender is the tool to use for 3D modelling if you dont have the money for 3D Studio Max. Blender has become a brilliant tool with the new release of 2.5