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Corrupt Ghost??

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Peter Hooper, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Last couple of attempts at Time Trial have given me an error about being unable to load the ghost lap of my fastest lap (corrupt data message). This happened even after I set a new fastest lap. The game enables me to download somebody else's ghost to race against but my own one seems to have screwed up somehoow. Anyone got any ideas how to resolve this?
  2. No idea but I have the same problem. I don't use TT much at all (waste of time unrealistic track grip is 100%) but tried recently and had the exact same thing, and then it babbled on about my SB (second best) time being downloaded/uploaded...yada yada click exit lol
  3. Thanks for the reply.... I hope it's not the beginnings of the corrupt save game raising it's ugly head then :s
  4. No problem you are welcome, make backup's of your save just in case, but I have not had a corrupt save since the patch only the non save problem when I forget to replace the non patched flow.bin.
  5. I'm on the Xbox.. not sure if I can back up my saves on there... I am very new to consoles!!
  6. Last week I had the same problem..... But when I tried it several days later (last Friday) it worked again.... I don't know where the data is comming from but I think it's a download error from a mainfraim where the ghosts are saved? I'm playing on Xbox
  7. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed then that my ghost lap will return at some point ;)
  8. this game has uncountable amount of issues.. i have had some issues with ghosts too.. when i try playing my ghost.. it just sits there in one place.. lolz..
  9. Hey it is better than flying Fahad maybe you should change car to RB "It gives you wings" :D
  10. lolz.. yeah i think i should give it a try..and i need to make a car stereo mod to play the song "You are flying without wings"..
  11. Still having this problem.... it's on every track I try. Anybody have any new suggestions with regard to this, is there some way to delete or re-create this corrupt file on an xbox?

  12. I had a similar problem and reinstalled the game. Can you reinstall yours, maybe that would fix it? I guess your save ghostcars is set to on?
    If the ghostcar is not automatically loading, have you tried racing against your ghost by selecting it from the leaderboard, or is that what you've already tried?
  13. Why don't you delete ur save games and try again...