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Correct brakesigns

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Is there a rule when does a turn start? The brakesigns (200,100,50m signs) need to be in some distance from.. what? Is it the point where the turns starts on the inside, the distance from apex or the place where the road ends if keep going straight?.. I have made educated guesses based on practice runs until now to place the 50m sign put there must be some kind of procedure involved. Would really like to know...

    EDIT: of course i use a real scale ruler set...
  2. I had the same question. I Google Earth'd some real tracks and found some had permanent brake boards/signs.
    I measured same across a handful of tracks and determined that many had set the distance just prior to the apex...
  3. I know there's a ruler xpack here in Racedepartement. Really helps to place those signs your pondering about.
  4. Yep, of course i got that ruler pack :cool: and i made my own ruler-pack and there's one specially made for brakesigns.. I have to pick my self up and clean those packs that i have made at this point and share them.. There's no 3D rulers yet, they have proven to be very useful.

    I'll do the old school method and put signs to places with test runs and educated guesses.
  5. Does it say anything on the subject on the FIA website official rulebook on track design parameters? Haven't got the link to hand, but it's a useful document. Talks all about things like legal track widths, lengths, cambers, details, barriers, etc that one would have to adhere to if designing and building a track in real life (assuming you're building an FIA grade circuit)
  6. Kennet this is the link. Can't see any mention of braking boards specifically, but lots of interesting reading in a technical way. Article 7 specifically. http://argent.fia.com/web/fia-public.nsf/0311B5A442CB0EB6C12577FC004CD946/$FILE/Décembre%202010_Annexe%20O%202010_Modifications%20en%20cours%20d'année%202010%20en%20rouge%20.pdf
  7. Alex, do you have a copy of the actual PDF file from this link? As I am finding the link is dead...
    I have been looking for a FIA doc like this for a while and am sure others may have been as well.
    A copy of the doc or a new link would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. When you paste it into your address bar, there are two consecutive spaces. Delete one of them and it works. ("%20" is a space)

    I looked at ISI's Montreal and the distances are measured from the point where the track starts to turn. The same is done at their version of the Nurburgring (the modern one). If the track's width is variable and the inside and outside turn at different points, the centre line would be a sensible reference.
  9. Oh man, this was a goldmine fo information! Lol, on Cicada maximum allowed cars for single seaters over 2000cm3 is 52..