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Conversion of rFactor Mod

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Andrew Harper, May 4, 2015.

  1. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper
    Premium Member


    I've downloaded the excellent looking Enduracers Mod and used the rfactortools to convert the files so they are compatible with GSCE.

    When I look at the game menus I can select them via all vehicles but when I go to the track all the other cars are the same one I've just picked (rather than all the cars in the series, GT1, GT2, LMP, etc).

    I know this is sorted by the VEH file (I think!) But can someone tell me the best way of sorting this?

    Example LMP1
    Team="ALMS06 Audi Sport North America EnduranceSeries"
    Driver="Emanuele Pirro"
    Description="#001 - Audi Sport North America"
    Engine="TDi V12, 5,5 l"
    Classes="reiza5,EnduSeries ES_ALMS06 ES_P1 ES_P1d ES_P1AudiR10"

    FullTeamName="ALMS06 Audi Sport North America"

    Category="Endurance Series,P1,Audi R10 TDI"

    Example GT1
    Team="LM05 Aston Martin Racing Prodrive EnduranceSeries"
    Driver="Pedro Lamy"
    Description="#058 - Aston Martin Prodrive"
    Engine="V12 Aston Martin 6.0L"
    Classes="reiza5,EnduSeries ES_LM05 ES_GT1 ES_GT1DBR9"

    FullTeamName="LM05 Aston Martin Racing Prodrive"

    Category="Endurance Series,GT1,Aston Martin DBR9"
  2. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith
    Premium Member

    Id be interested in seeing how to do this too. The 1938 mod is just waiting for me to get it working properly in gsce.
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  3. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper
    Premium Member

    Hi Sam,

    If I figure it out I'll let you know. It's probably something really simple I'm missing at the moment (hopefully!)
  4. Sky

    Gobble Gobble Premium Member

    i love that 30s grand prix mod. i bet they'd go nicely at interlagos historic.
  5. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith
    Premium Member

    Yeah i struggle with the top tier cars a bit but the Maserati and the ERA are so much fun.
    drifting on that old sweeping layout would be magnificent @Sky :thumbsup:
    Best of luck @Andrew Harper
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  6. Hopefully this works but the best way to do this if you want all cars of that specific season to race together you'll have to group them all in one folder

    For Instance the Audi and every other car in the ALMS 2006 season would be
    Category="Endurance Series, ALMS 2006"

    Aston would be along with the other 05 Le Mans cars
    Category="Endurance Series,Le Mans 2005"

    But you can group them however you like it, doesnt have to just be ALMS or LM cars.
    Last edited: May 5, 2015