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Control setup menu

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by bmwfan, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. bmwfan



    I have a problem. When I go in options to regulate the wheel (logithech dfp) from me it removes black screen for enough seconds and sees only his indicator mouse and the music in background it plays regularly, after the black screen it presents control settings moves his indicator mouse other I cannot regulate nothing, nor behind I cannot make and I come out only with ctrl-alt-del. Options the music, screen etc they work regularly. Disconnect and the wireless mouse that I had and connect a other with usb, disconnect and the wheel leaving only the mouse again the same result I had, maybe a driver makes conflict??

    AAA I forgot to say that, in the beginning when I step it begins the game from me it removes again black screen for enough seconds

    Please help

    Sorry for my english

  2. Jarrod Crossley

    Jarrod Crossley

    I think I grasp your problem, When you load up the game everything is fine till you goto options or other scrren and then you are presented with a black screen for a few seconds after that the screen refreshes and you are uable to make an d modifications.

    Im sure someone will correct me if Im wrong but sounds like a graphic issuse more than a software issuse. Check your GFX card is cabble to run the program and if is it check that you have the most current drivers for your card.

    Also it never hurts to do a defrag.
  3. bmwfan


    I a lot thank for the answer. In the card graphic I have new drivers(Ati Radeon HD 4850 512mb ddr3) the hard disk they is new 500gb with few programs. Curious they is that only in concrete menoy sticks also in the beginning front still it charges the game. Τhe hour where has black screen thus and steps ctrl-alt-menu in the task manager game is not respond other the music plays regularly without it sticks.​
  4. Lee Downham

    Lee Downham

    Manual defrags aren't necessary if you are on Windows Vista ... it does it itself as long as you haven't messed around with the settings for this yourself :becky:

    Maybe there is an issue with your logitech DFP drivers ... tried removing and re-installing those?
    What kind of wireless mouse is it?
    Try updating the drivers for that ... or first remove the drivers for it and start Evo to see what happens.
    Also make sure your wheel is plugged directly into the back of the PC and not through a hub.

    Failing these things, remove and reinstall your graphics driver, reboot and try again, if you get no joy there, try re-isntalling the game completely ...

    You just need to go with the process of elimination when you hit troubles with these types of things, back out any changes since it last worked and if you are lucky, "Sir Google" might be able to point you in the right direction :wink:

    Good luck in sorting it ... :thumb:
  5. bmwfan


    I will try the afternoon to see results. Yesterday me made crash with minidump. I have windows xp sp3 (says is to fault the sp3??) I will remove drivers his mouse and wheel and will begin gtr-race07 and will see if I am lucky. In our friend google I have not found a lot of things. Hopes the chance they is with me haha:pound:!!! The mouse they is MICROSOFT WIRELESS LASER MOUSE 5000​

  6. bmwfan


    The problem fixed, I had put ups in usb door and this took his title game controller and made conflict. Thank you for your advices and your time.