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clubsport pedals not recognized

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by itbracer, May 14, 2012.

  1. My clubsport pedals are not being recognized by GSC. I cant assign them in the controller section of the game. What do I need to do ? Sorry Im new to GSC>
  2. the engine supports max. 3 controller. Please ensure that you have max 3 controller connectet.
  3. Are they plugged into the usb?
  4. just head into the Controller-Setup and highlight with a mouse-click the control you want to assign.
    for example click on accelerator and use your pedal for acceleration to confirm your choice.
    that should do and the CSP work fine with GSC!
  5. Yes they are plugged into USB

    I've tried assignning them in the controller area , but it does not recognize the pedals.

    Do you mean it will only allow 3 controllers maximum? If so I unplugged and retried but still the same.
  6. If you have try another usb port for your pedals? Do you have another PC for testing the connection?
  7. Check combined pedals, use conected direct to the wheel.
    Update driver and firmware from fanatec support site.
    I am using fanatec CSR + clubsport pedals + shift set CSR on W7. No problems.
    The game not have a specific profile for fanatec. I have used g27 settings with re-map to fanatec.
  8. I found out that Maklique was right. You can only have a maximum of three controllers plugged in. I had wheel, pedals, shifter, keyboard, mouse all plugged in. Got it down to three and it worked. Thanks all.
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  9. i have mouse, keyboard, xbox 360 wifi conector with wifi receptor plug in usb port.
    Shift and pedals pluged in the wheel, wheel pluged by usb on pc.
    No problem.
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