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Clean racing tonight?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Rob Carver, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. Hello fellow racers, this is my first post and i thought it was about time i made some input on this fantastic forum. I like to think of myself as quite an experienced online racer- racing with all aids off and a steering wheel.

    The problem i have guys is finding the right people to race with. I am a very clean driver and when i do make a mistake i always move over to let other driver regain position. I have owned this game since the day it was released and can only think of a few memorable races where my adrenaline has been pumping by the end of the race due to clean competition.

    I have just applied for my liscence and i am looking to take part in a race tonight with some experienced drivers. I am, like i said, new to the forum and i dont know how to go about entering one or possibly even hosting one. Is there anybody that could help and point me in the right direction? :D
  2. Thanks for the links Dylan. I have looked here already and tried to post but it will not allow me. Is this because i have just applied for my licence? if so how long before i can? many thanks
  3. Yes i think you have to be a Licensed Member. It takes as long as when ever the person that accepts the applications is online. (Iforgot who does it). It shouldnt be that long
  4. Hi there, what platform you on?

    Look at the dates for the Racing Club Events, also check the Platform Icon at the beginning of the Thread.... the title will have the Date & Track, to read the rest of the info and times etc click on the thread read the settings, if it's ok then put down your name , we all do it in a format so please do it too.

    Real Name / GFWL / Car

    Scott Webber / ImpulsivePlay3r / Red Bull
  5. oh yes sorry i didnt post the PC league link, i swear he said he had a xbox. It must of been in a diffrent thread
  6. Yes i did lol
  7. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Sort to be a nag, please keep online racing discussions within the racing club section ofthe forum.
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