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Chris's Reasonably Priced Vehicle.

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by chris_89, May 9, 2010.

  1. Oh lolz, I started a own design as well, It's a cabrio with a soft top I guess.
    6 gears, 135hp diesel with a damn turbo or w/e

    I called it the Dinor xt, beats me why but dinor sounds like dino and the xt is just for the cool factor :p

    Rim's are just there as placeholders btw..

  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Hehe, I like. The only thing I'd say is the arse is too boxy, like a brick wall. Bring the top of it's arse closer to the interior, if you know what I mean..
  3. It's fantastic. As a fan of BMW's styling, this appeals to me as it has the classic solid shape of the older E30 and 2002 cars, but with the added bonus of having a "bangle butt" rear end that we've seen on the more modern stuff. Wonderful!
  4. i like it
  5. Nice, and I like the rims!
  6. somehow it reminds me of a convertible version of the Ford Flex lol
  7. The basic shape is very likable but the rearlights are way too big imo.
    Also I'd prefer a more curved trunk maybe a sloping rear end.
    Other than that I quite like it.
  8. Hm, yeah i might redesign it a bit, It's a big square thing indeed :p
    I'll also reshape the tail lights while doing that
  9. will it has rear fog light? :D
  10. So, I've been tinkering on the rear, made it a bit 'better' looking.
    Also made a start on the front end.

    And just a quick note, the front isn't the final front end yet, it's just a mock up.
  11. I like it. Very good.
  12. I agree. However, it seems like it should be a 5-speed, not a six. Also, xt has been a Subaru 4wd thing in the past, as in the xt6.

    Oh well, that's just me being picky I guess.