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Skins Chevrolet F1 Team 1.1

Full Team

  1. Gerald Chinoy submitted a new resource:

    Chevrolet F1 Team - Full Team

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. I only bring forth the troops :D NICE! :):thumbsup:
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  3. How long will you prepared for the team? :) I'm very long time working it...:O_o::D

  4. It depends on the design as well.
    This is pretty simple so not much.
    Had this done in 1 day.
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  5. 1 day?? wOOw :thumbsup: I envy you matey :) I'm even slower. 1-2-3 weeks for me :roflmao:

  6. As i said it mostly depends on the design.
    This team is pretty simple, not much design on it.
    You'll get quicker with practice.
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  7. Practice makes perfect. So there :)

  8. Yup.
    That's how it always is. ;)
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  9. Nice design ! I really like it. But gonna try to change it so it replaces HRT :p

    EDIT: renaming files from ma2 to hr2 doesnt helps
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  10. Oh wow,very nice,thank you.:cool:
  11. It looks beautiful, simple and good taste, thanks, 2008 BMW Team do you dare?

  12. May be, who knows. ;)
  13. Looks great except for the Ford logo

  14. It was a request.
    So had to put it.
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  15. Ah that's cool. Just strange, its like putting Ferrari on a McLaren car. Great paint though!
  16. Great work Gerard,

    However, one small comment, how a Chevrolet car be powered by a Ford engine? It's like putting a Ferrari engine in a Porsche! Or putting the Pepsi logo on a Coke nettle :). Can it be possible for you to change the "Powered by Ford" logo to "Powered by Chevrolet". Other logo also appearing on the Chevrolet Corvettes racing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans are:
    - Mobile 1
    - XM Satellite Radio
    - Motorola
  17. Hi Gerard,

    I'll send you more ideas on this car, which I think is fantastic. However at the moment I'm using myniPad and can't upload any images to share with you. Other logos I'be noticed on the Le Mans Corvettes are:
    - BBS
    - BOSE

    I'll try to put some pictures for you to give you some ideas. The Le Mans Corvette 2010 livery was quite interesting with starlike effects on it.

    You've made a great replacement for Marrusia with this Chevrolet F1 team.

  18. Gerald Nicely done, congratulations! I have a question. How do I change the logo (Force India team with kingfischer logo) on the racing overalls? I've been trying, but no luck. (I work in Photoshop.) Some of you know me illustrate with pictures step-by-step instructions on how to do this alive? Thanks in advance!