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Chance to Build a real track from your design

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Charles Von Schmidt, May 13, 2014.

  1. We are a collection of car clubs located in Texas and our beloved Texas World Speedway is being closed leaving us without a club level track for all the drivers in our area.

    Not wanting this to happen we have banded together and are going to build our own track, we have some sites picked out and are looking for ideas, so if you have ever wanted to design a track that will be built here's your chance.

    We are looking for full design ideas each with its own working model and scale drawings that our membership can drive in sim before we build.

    200 acre site 2.9 miles max length.
    Club level racing with limited walls and tons of runoff areas.
    Site has rolling terrain available on google earth.
    We would like to adapt some of the famous corners from around the world into one perfect track.
    High speed banked turns, combination corners, Esses and high speed straights in a compact area.
    This is a club track so construction expense is a real consideration.

    Designs submitted will be reviewed by our membership steering committee and feedback provided.

    If your plan is accepted as the final build version then credit will be given on our track website as well as trackside and you can tell the world you designed a working track.

    So if you want to see your dreams actually set in stone please contact track@americanporsche.com and we will provide you with site details and design specifications.

    Thanks for your input, I bought BTB to do this in house but Brandon suggested that we give everyone a chance.
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  2. I'm unlikely to come up with anything, but im curious what the locations are so i can atleast take a look.
  3. Center of land is
    30 07 13.30N
    96 21 19.87 W
    Texas USA
  4. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    I wrote you a message, very interested in the project...
  5. Are the two properties and the access roads staying, or will they be removed ?

    Also I'm thinking of a highspeed section starting in the north west corner, heading south into a high speed left turn taking you to the south east corner. Issue is the noise of the big bang motors whilst passing the building on the neighbouring property on the south of the land.

    what sort of capacity is required for the paddock area, and also parking for spectators.
  6. Given the need to work closely with the existing topology it'd be really valuable to get better topology data somehow.

    It'd be nice to have a DEM for the area to use as a guide, including recent aerial imagery and other things that may need to be considered.

    Looks like a nice big square to work with though, with some nice undulations and features!

  7. This is a cool opportunity, and perhaps an unusual challenge for track makers. As stuff like access roads typically isn't an issue around these parts, but probably will be for you guys :p
  8. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    Well been e-mailing them for more info.. no response what so ever.
  9. As a real track development we have been moving forward with the legal issues surrounding the rights to purchase property. The offers have been now submitted and we are anticipating receipt of an acceptance this week.

    Once this in hand we will post the design details and location. Thanks for your continued support.
  10. Sorry for the loss of the 'beloved' Texas World Speedway. Perhaps if it had been better managed the operation would not have gone bankrupt. In the meantime, you are considering a site in the middle of an area between Brenham and Chappel Hill valued for its quiet beauty, not a good choice to drop your hobby. Since many of you likely live in nice neighborhoods, some in 'no-zoning' Houston, you might consider how you'd feel if a noisy bar opened up next door. As in your neighborhood, the citizens here have resources and enough good arguments to make this a lengthy and expensive battle. Your lawyers will tell you they can win, the fees are too attractive for them to say otherwise. So, you can stiffen your backs, open your wallets and fight, losing a few years off your reflexes- and likely the battle. Or, you can look for another spot and be racing next year. Your call.