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Championship PC Crash

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Patches, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Bought the game last week started a Championship with the Stock Cars. Everything is great until I get to race 4 at Brasilia 1. It keeps freezing up at the track loading screen with the red bar fully loaded. When you tab/alt behind the screen is a crash notice with a link.

    The track will load in test mode just fine.

    any thoughts
  2. Hmmm. Did you try running the GSC Sync.exe in the root of your install directory? That checks for any files that might be missing/corrupt and for patches. Maybe that will solve your issue?
  3. didn't know it was there, so I went an ran the program. it looked promising, but didn't change anything as far as my problem. The crash notice says:

    Crash File
    [C: Users/(me)/AppData/temp/crash dump/GSC.384.dmp] is created!

  4. I have this same issue aswell and i believe it has something to do with the max vehicles allowed on the track.
  5. I believe you are correct my man. I have the amount of AI set at 33. I went into Single Player and the track only added 31 AI plus me and the previous tracks allowed 34 with me or more.

    I'll start a new Championship with 30 AI and I'm pretty sure everything will be fine. Troy thanks, you cracked the case and thanks XP for your input. Hey, I learned about the update tool I knew nothing about.

    off to race
  6. It may also still happen on Velopark aswell since the max vehicles is only 30 which is strange because that has one loooong pitlane.
  7. I wondered if there was going to be another track with fewer pit spots, thanks. I'll lower the AI down to 28 and i'll make 29.

    I guess they missed the whole qualifying thing with 33 cars for 30 spots, a few go home.