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Mods Casey Stoner 2012 - Corrected yellow 1.0

Casey Stoner 2012 - Corrected yellow

  1. yeah nice finally !!! Thank you so much :D
    I will to wait for Stoner 2007 update
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  2. realitychecked


    That's orange?
  3. Depends what 'That' is (keep in Mind this says '1.0' for a reason , feed back is always appreciated)
  4. realitychecked


    I'm sure that's not really yellow. It's orange in my eyes but whatever, you name it.
  5. Oh , I see your point now . The Title means Yellow correction ... to Orange . It was too yellow before /originally . I might redo the rims though , they look more orange in real life , what you guys think ?- Casey_Stoner.jpg
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