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Carreer help

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Marco_lammen, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. im now at suzuka what happens when im not signing a new contract?
  2. You won't progress to next season unless you sign a contract. So make your choice before Abu Dhabi
  3. ok im declined all the offers before suzuka, its stupid i know :redface:
    is it possible to get offers after suzuka?
  4. Even if you have no contract offers at the end of the season you will get an offer from someone. This happened to me I point blank refused all offers as I had beaten Schumacher in DC so assumed I would get Mercedes but did not, my season ended no contracts ! All doom and gloom I thought, oh well start again, after the end of season info and load screens BANG an offer from Mercedes I was very happy to say the least, phew ! So you will get an offer from who I don't know !
  5. If you do not sign any contracts then (I think, never happened to me before) you an offer as a No.2 driver from HRT, Lotus and Virgin meaning your basically back at the start.
  6. yeah it is possible
  7. I've now finished Suzuka.
    1st season Expert with Virgin.
    This is a good season for me, my reputation is 16 and i can accept to be 1st driver for: Virgin, HRT, Lotus, ToroRosso.
    Can i wait after last race (Abu Dhabi) for sign a new contract or not ? I hope in a BMW Sauber offer.
  8. Yes, after the last race from Abu Dhabi, you will still get contract.

    I believe you will never be in a scenario where there's no offer. I believe CM will not include this game breaker features ya? :D

    Good luck in your career.
  9. Best offers after South Corea GP:
    1st driver ToroRosso 6500000$
    2nd driver BMW Sauber 7500000$
    Someone have tested those 2 cars ?? Speed, agility, stability, R&D ???
    Better choice ??
  10. Have not drive the sauber but STR and Sauber is to be in the same class. I will say STR is not a bad choice. But do take note, both car will lose out in raw power compared to the higher tier car. STR felt agile to me and tend to oversteer a little by default which i like too.

    But the R&D part of the STR is mainly seems more focused on Engine wear. I've invested 3 season with STR and i had at least 3 R&D upgrades that is involved in reducing engine wear. Which actually is not that important.

    A fully upgraded Lotus can perform better compared to STR in career mode. Lotus is a very balance car. Its slow initially but if you can invest at least 5 season and doing at decent result, it can be on par with the mercedes and renault.
  11. I recently got an offer for mercedes as NUMBER 1 driver. Unfortunatly less money than other offers, like red bull and mclaren. But after 3 seasons as number 2 driver, I'll take less money to be seen as the number 1 driver of a team, especially after all my hard work. Plus, I get to drive with Shumi!!
  12. i have signed voor season 2 by forza india...
    is the pitbug patched? i read some information that forza india is broken