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Carreer Helmet Tomizawa 1.0

X-lite Tomizawa helmet

  1. Adamstar71 submitted a new resource:

    Carreer Helmet Tomizawa - X-lite Tomizawa helmet

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  2. thank you :) very nice
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  3. realitychecked


    Respect, man!

    R.I.P. Shoya
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  4. where is the mix file ?
  5. I don't upload the MIX file, only the DDS.
  6. cmon, dont be lazy
    then why the hell post it in your read me?
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  7. I'm not lazy! I have other reasons why didn't upload it before!
    And sorry because I write it wrong! I wrote: I don't upload the Mix file, ... but I would write that: I DIDN'T upload it, only the DDS!
    And my other fault: I attached the wrong Readme file, so sorry!

    Now I make the MIX file, but all with my Career helmet, so You can choose Tomizawa, Kato, or Simoncelli Helmet and I upload it!
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  8. well, since this thread about Tomizawa's helmet, so i choose Tomizawa of course.