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Career Trailer TV Hot Laps (Real-World)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by rossa14, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Before i go any further, these videos replace what you see on the TV in the career trailer, nothing more:

    So, over the season i have created these videos because i think seeing a real-world lap is more interesting than an in-game one. There are other videos on here of basically the same thing, but the quality of these videos is a bit better and the file size is definitely smaller.

    Links to download:

    Abu Dhabi (Hamilton)​
    Brazil (Vettel)​
    Catalunya (Alonso)​
    Delhi (Alonso)​
    Hungaroring (Massa)​
    Istanbul (Rosberg)​
    Korea (Hamilton)​
    Melbourne (Vettel)​
    Monaco (Vettel)​
    Montreal (Massa)​
    Monza (Vettel)​
    Nurburgring (Hamilton)​
    Sepang (Hamilton)​
    Shanghai (Button)​
    Silverstone (Button)​
    Singapore (Button)​
    Spa (Alguersuari)​
    Suzuka (Vettel)​
    Valencia (Webber)​

    Links to download:
    Melbourne (Hamilton) - OFFLINE
    Sepang (Schumacher) - OFFLINE
    Shanghai (Rosberg) - OFFLINE

    Place videos in the "F1 2011/video" folder.

    Notes: Videos do not include sound. This is to cut down on file size and because the virtual TV doesn't support audio anyway.
    I have personally encoded these videos from the best source i could find; but the video content still ultimately belongs to FOM and FIA.

    And that's about it, enjoy :)


    !!UPDATE!! - Sorry, but this project is no longer supported. I was unable to keep updating this project as the source I was getting my videos from was having problems. Please note, I will not be reuploading this mod as I no longer play F1 2011. Sorry.
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  2. thanks!
  3. No problem.

    Didn't know if it was worth posting this, but as long as some people like it, i am happy :)
  4. sounds interesting. thanks:)
  5. Could you post all files in one link for download ?
  6. If at least a couple of people want a one link download, maybe. But my internet isn't that fast and i have a quota cap i need to keep in mind. So i would like to avoid that if possible.
  7. Installed Montréal and Valencia along with my career, and I must say this gives me a good reason to stay inside the trailer, other than gawking at the pit girls blowing kisses at me....

    Or that'd be 2 good reasons... :oops:

    Really great idea anyway :) , beats going to the F1 site (which is a hassle) to get some much needed basic data on gear, top speed and racing line.

  8. I like it! Nice mod!
  9. This was a great idea! No more watching youtube pole laps for reference. Much appreciated sir.
  10. Thanks a lot!
  11. Nice job dude, works perfectly! WIth sound it would be absolutely amazing :p
  12. Great idea,great job.Grazie mille :)
  13. could you put up to a torrent file?
  14. Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback :)

    Just noticed Megaupload no longer has download wait timers as well; that is definitely a positive considering my 19 link upload strategy lol.

    Yes indeed it would be amazing to have audio for the videos, it's a shame the game doesn't support it.
    I would love to go hunting through the game code to see if it was possible to do that; but i am no modder, all i did was convert some videos hahaha.

    As i mentioned before i have a quota cap (uploads count towards that), and i my internet is not very fast. Best i could do is a 1 link download, but due to it's size i don't know if i would re-upload that often, if at all.
  15. Please upload this to the mediafire.
  16. The multiupload link is down... plz upload it to mediafire

    Thank you
  17. i'll see what i can do :)

    EDIT: OK i have started uploading to mediafire, However due to my slow internet it'll be a couple hours before the links are available. Will update the first post as soon as i have the links.
  18. I dont understand where to download it
  19. I'm still uploading the files. 2 of the 5 are done, links in first post.

    EDIT: OK finally finished uploading the videos. All links in first post.
  20. Kay, thanks. new links work perfectly, much appreciated that you put 'em here for download ;)