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Career Race: Pipped by Webber in a Rain Affected Malaysia

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by jdrawmer, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. [h=2]Career race: Pipped by Webber in a Rain Affected Malaysia[/h]
    Just had my first 100% race without fuel simulation. I race 100% all the time, and this is a new career with 100% races. Quite happy! Lots more fun than the awful fuel sim being on. Story seems mightily similar to one I just saw on the forum in China as well!

    Quali: Qualified 7th, which I managed before I turned fuel sim off (although I have a feeling it has far less effect in qualifying). Was very pleased with the qualifying as its far from my favourite circuit.

    Opening laps: Having been ruined at the start by 3 guys behind me, I managed get lucky with a line that took the positions back at the 1st corner, and darted across Button to the inside line at the 2nd corner to move into P3. At the next I managed to get Vettel out of the way and made my chase for Webber.

    Managed to take Webber after a few inconsistent laps, but was unable to create a gap of any kind, Webber staying within a couple of seconds all the time.

    Middle: Come lap 19, the engineer tells me of some light rain, and a couple of laps later, i'm ready for my scheduled stop. I didn't pit though, and instead stuck it out to see how intense the rain was going to get. By this point, the top guys had already moved onto the Primes, and I was ahead by a fair distance, but not putting in great laps. I decided to make the move for Inters at around lap 25. Unfortunately, when I came out of the pits I ended up third behind Button and Webber. Obviously, I knew that they still had to pit, but I was a little disappointed i'd dropped in pace so much as to lose the places.

    Finale: about 15 laps to go the rain stopped and the track started to dry. Nobody was pitting for primes until about 10 laps to go - I left it another lap longer as to avoid pit frustration. Again, I'd obviously dropped pace a little more and had to settle dropping in behind Webber, but ahead of Button. There was a gap of about 4 seconds, but I just couldn't close it. I managed to get it down to about 2, pushing as hard as I could but a solid podium finish is what I had to settle for. It was a great race, and a great advert for 100% races to be honest.

    The only thing that's annoying me is lack of random retirements. It's so rare, unless i've smashed them against a wall. Hopefully that'll improve for 2011!
  2. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Well done, its good to out think the AI (is that an oxymoron).
    It is also good to know that these strategy calls can win races.
  3. Stretegy definitely effects outcomes, although dry races are pretty boring with every making the single stop and you know when everyone will come into the pits. I could have played it better, when I lost time staying on worn tyres but I put that down to a lack of access to other drivers lap times when they're more than 10 seconds back!

    Looks like I might get a bit of luck in China too - the poor wet weather AI worked in my favour to get pole, so i'm going to start with primes and see if I can hold everyone off, keep a nice pace going into my stop and storm clear / chase when i'm on options. I'm hoping nobody else has the same idea!