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Career Q&A

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jason Dewhurst, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Please keep this thread alive.

    So after searching for some R&D info on google I saw something about you can invest in next seasons car with your rep and earnings, is this true? can anyone confirm this?

    Also R&D path when can you actually change this? its said online that you get asked during practice of abu dhabi what you want for next season, however I skipped straight to Qual and R&D in S2 was automatically changed to balance and not changable after that so when is it actually possible to change it?
  2. When you complete your last race for the season you end up back in the paddock yes :D you then select what would be to take you to the race weekend but now says next season when you choose this and click it it load's Bahrain and you start sat in your car with the monitor open on the R&D screen in front of you, just hold it and move your wheel/stick.key and notice the bar at the top of R&D will toggle between the research paths of aggressive, balanced and I thing intermediate. Select one click it and that's it done you will have your 1st practice sesion of the season with your new research path and the dude says ' lets get this car's setup changed ' or something like that (as if he is really excited about the path you have chosen).
  3. hmm maybe I exited the menu by mistake?

    So is investing possible? like make you s2 car a little faster?
  4. I think what they mean by that is the season prior to your current season all the R&D carry's over with your car if you stay with the team. Going by CM's rather loose description's I reckon this is what they meant.
  5. They dont, I stayed with virgin for 7m, and lost all R&D upgrades.
  6. Jason the field's just get erased to fill again the car start's off the new season how you had it upgraded from last season, The upgrade's are there you have just moved up a tier in research.
  7. Really? wow and I just restarted career as I thought it was a bug :(:(
  8. Oh poo poo lol :D
  9. How much difference does it make? I am currently at Sauber, at Korea now, and got offered by Sauber and Ferrari ironically as I beat Alonso to title, but was wondering if carrying R&D over meant you can make a low team into contesting with Red Bull?