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Car spin if i turn with 10-20% brake apply ♦ 500 ABARTH AC

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by LazyBug, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. So can i use trail braking for this car ?? I found i cant turn the car not even abit if 10% - 20% brake is apply and if i do turn then i will end up to spin the car.

    Of cause may be i do something wrong since i very new to sim racing & only start play this game 2 days ago.

    Thanks for anyone who concern. Good day.
  2. Hard to say without seeing you drive. Remember that the car has a very short wheelbase, so if you are too agressive on entry it's go around on you. In real life the Abarth 500 is twitchy under braking too, as very little weight stays at the back... It's a momentum car anyway, so it's better to be smooth and not "over-brake", keep the speed up :)

    If the back starts to get loose, just give it some throttle, it's FWD so it'll go straight again.
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  3. Yeah i know its probably my problem but need to know what i do wrong. Thanks for the advise :)
  4. You said you were using low wheel rotation? I found the game pretty much unplayable with my 180 degree wheel.

    Here's a random lap with the Abarth (a bad one, I'm crap), wheel rotation in game is the same as wheel rotation on my desk. There is some trail braking, pedal input on the bottom left.

  5. I say i use low wheel rotation 90°-120° in most arcade racing that i had play like Dirt 3, F1 2011, Shift 2 but i never try that in nK-pro yet so not sure if that work, i would like to try 180° with 13-1 steer ratio to see the result, the last time i play which is few days ago i use 400° with 11-1 steer ratio, wonder if i can reduce the wheel rotation some more so i no need to turn so much :D

    By the way thanks for your video, that driving definitely much more better than mine, i currently practice newbury 2006 layout with this 500 arbath, may be i upload my driving too when i am slightly better to get some advise from you guys if thats ok but currently i am 8 seconds slower than the world record for this track :cry:
    Too bad i cant find any 500 arbath in newbury 2006 layout video so i dont even know what i should do to at least improve even for just 1 second.
  6. That's a lot of time lost on such a short track. Can't say what you're doing wrong without a video.
  7. Ok i upload my driving in this 2 days :whistling:
  8. 180 with 11:1 you won't have enough turning to leave the pits...

    Just try 900 with like 12.5:11, it's PLENTY quick enough....
  9. What's the sense of throttle-braking on a FWD car?
  10. Isn't it especially useful for FWD cars, to transfer weight to the front wheels, and aid traction out of the corner?
  11. Throttle-Braking in a FWD will do the opposite of a RWD, you'll make the car looser.

    I personnally wouldn't recommend it in general (I actually never trottle-brake, maybe a bit in modern F1). You can however balance the car with the throttle, a FWD barely needs counter-steering as you just have to give it a bit of throttle before it gets too sideways, unless you completely overshot the corner ! :D
  12. Yeah, but I do not understand why is it useful during bracking and turn in?

    I mean in a RWD car you can throttle-brake to reduce the engine-braking on the rear wheels, like a sort of dynamic brake balance. But I don't get why it should be useful on a FWD car!

    Edit: I just saw William's answer! Thx for the explanation!
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  13. I'm not sure about it but as far as I know stats on http://www.wagenvoort.net/rank/ were not reset after physics update that was pushed some months ago. I remember training with KS2 for race on Silverstone and wondering why my lap times suck so much. I was quite surprised after I found on youtube lap where driver took first corner flat out. For me (even with max down force setup) that corner required downshifting with a bit of breaking.
    It may not be worth 8 seconds but it can be part of story in your case.
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  14. Yeah may be but i am very new in sim racing so its acceptable i guess for a lap time so slow like that. So far i only found one 500 abarth in newbury 2006 layout replay video and the car slide all the way in every corner where i usually brake slow enough and drive thru apex, i think thats why i so slow, i will try to drift or slide more when i play again to see if that help my lap time.
  15. So this is my best atm 1:07.212 (about 4s slower than world record :cry:)

    NetKar Pro Rookie Gameplay - Newbury 2006 Layout ♦ 500 Abarth
  16. Ok here is another one with better lap time but still 3s + slower. Anyway thats the best i can do for now, no idea what else to do to get another 3s faster. Car setup ??

    NetKar Pro Rookie Gameplay - Newbury 2006 Layout ♦ 500 Abarth ♦ 1:06.897
  17. 3 seconds off isn't bad, it's where I liked to hang out :D

    But it looks to me like you're understeering like crazy everywhere. Try being tidier.
    Wrong lines for some corners as well, second to last one for example. You want to keep all the way to the left before you turn in.
  18. Whats that mean ?? How being tidier ?? Like what ?? :whistling:
  19. You go in too fast, give too much steering input, and understeer away.
    Drive more smoothly, brake earlier/more for corners, gradually increase the throttle and steering input. Slow in, fast out.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2013
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  20. Yeah i plan to try 540° when i play again, I use 450° in this one.