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Car manager wip?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by GizmoPower, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I would like this community to get a bit involved in a suggestion thread about IF, there was to be made an application in wich a user can modyfie settings within the car ini.

    The idea with this is to get in and setup a car quicker and make it more userfriendly for the user. Say you are a drifter and want to change drivetrain setting, or a rally car from tarmac to gravel or whatever..

    What I would like to know is:

    1. Should it be advanced or userfriendly, or both?

    2. What to include?

    3. How to show the included?
    If userfriendly maybe the text needs to be more understanding
    Eks: maxlen= Damper compression
    Do we need some math with values?

    4. Other suggestions?
  2. All four, first suggestion: include diagrams if possible or links to additional information.
  3. OOOh,
    I was trying to do something similar with excel@ (excel and Visual Basic) were you can create and modify the car.ini, easily and knowing what are you doing, useful to change and race and to learn.
    Just now, I upladed an excel sheet only to understand the car.ini, is my first step.
    Can some people work together to do an application to create and modify the car.ini? May be wonderfool.

    - Automatic change of the car.ini file.
    - A list of tyres and it's corresponding pacekja curves (different sizes, different rubber, different uses: dry, wet....). To change one tyre by other without thinking more.
    - Change in loads, for example, passengers, more or less fuel, luggage..... And how the loads change inertias, load distribution, suspension lenghts...
    - Ideal to do a "suspension maker" to select different suspension types (multilink, torsion bars, leafs....) and automatic changes in geometry, roll centers, lenghts and geometry changes. Perhaps the car.ini can save information that racer not use (yet), as the real suspension geometry with arms and springs.
    - Fast changes in aerodynamic wings.
    - And I think very interesting will be to change the engine parameters but with logical. Perhaps the engine is another objet that can insert in your car.ini (example: I insert ther Renault EF 1.5V6 in my ford mustang....), but which it's size? wich the size of the hood?....
    and more
  4. If the car.ini is going to be changed then an automatic backup need to be made first!
    That would also allow the program to compare the two side by side so you can go see/review what you changed.
  5. if your going to do something like that, maybe consider what we've got in wr community, it's called editcar, in this way can change the ride height,handling wheel widths the lot

    this is for physics and works well..if you need more information, dont hesitate to contact me
  6. Tank you for lots of fine inputs. Ceep em comming.

    ammods: Do you mean Racereng? That does work.. sometimes.
    If not, do you have editcar, and can you post it?


    ammods: The backup of .ini is already done. So if somethings not right with the setup, a backup of the original ini is always available.
  7. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    He's talking about 'editcar' for World Racing, not Racer :)
  8. sorry i thought i made that very clear, it was for world racing 2
    edit car holds the physics data, ie engine gearbox, suspension, ride height..camera views both inside and out, if need be i can post a couple of screens so you can see what i'm talking about
  9. ammods:
    I have testet it. But my concern is if it is to advanced for a user.
    I could like to just bring in the text in a label and the value next to it open for editing, like in editcar. Thats basicly how the app is now.
    Keep it simple, but then again mostly people that are familiar with the values of a car.ini will undestand it.

    That is what I would like some suggestions on.
    I really dont think we need to bring in pacejka? or do we?
    What about making a database with additional information? Bumpstop= |2000| ? <- button beside each value wich links to a explanation?
  10. probably would be the best idea..is an explanation of what is what, this is one reason why i am holding off on racer because i dont understand alot of what goes on, as far as physics, basically a gui would be helpful..maybe i'm just stupid i dont knowlol

    but something along the lines of editcar..except in english lol..or an option to use english would be a bonus
    as for too advanced - editcar, i've been using it for 5 years or more, and i'm an old fart lol
  11. Is possible to see how is "Edit car"? perhaps we can modify it to make a car.ini with it.
    The other question is how to do the application, somebody know about programming? I only use Visual basic for applications and excel@.
    I think the application "Car manager" may have two views, an expert view were you can understand what¡s happen and how it works and an non-expert view were yo only change setings and view results (can change the tyres but don't know what is pacejka curves).
    I also think must be in english and possible to be in others.
  12. I downloaded it, is similar to "RacerEng.exe", but world racing seems more easy than RACER, for example in grips (no pacejka). As in RacerEng.exe, there is no information about why or reference to reality. Is a good reference.
  13. well if there's anything else i can help with..

    *OT* those who think that wr2 is just anothe crap arcade game, your wrong - this game has a sim side as well..i play it occassionally as a sim and it's hard as hell

    anyways if there's anyhting else i can help with..give me a shout