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Car in RBR is spawned under track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Dzalud, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Hi, i have a problem with this - car in RBR is spawned under track.
    I have no idea where the problem, last export was in order. :confused:
    Do not know where is the problem?
  2. You mean at start? You have probably make the road shorter at the beginning. Move the first node to make the track longer a little. Or check your driveline. If you have not attach the driveline yet, that also could happen. In this case - attach the driveline and check how it goes when you export the track. You can edit the driveline shape, make it longer or shorter, add new points (ctrl+click) - use it just like control points from a road.
  3. Yes, at start...I changed the driveline many times, but no change. I edited the file spawn.ini and I moved the car up, but the car just "fails" the road...it looks like missing a collision path, but there is :-(
  4. So, you are sure your driveline and the Start is on the track (like on pictures - 1st is correct, 2 nd is wrong)...
    Try couple things:
    - open the Timing Gates window and move the Start couple meters (move manually or enter it's new position in digits). I also think it's not the best idea to place the Start banner at 0 meters - I usually make the driveline longer before it's original beginning and set it like 10-20 meters. (Anyway, there's a method if you want to drive the closed circuit over and over - place Start, Stop and Finish at 0 meters :) )
    - I believe you don't have panel length like 25 or more meters - in that case car can fall into the space too
    - Is your track driveable? Collisions are not enough
    - make the copy of the track, leave at least 3 control points at the beginning - delete the rest (if you tend to leave less than 3 - btb will crash!) If this works - delete the first 3 control points from original track - both should be merged perfectly (maybe just minimal correction would be needed). You will loose couple terrain's poygons (first row), but it shall not be a problem to build them again.
    - the emergency way could be - delete the driveline, centerline and everything (pacenotes too...) and attach it again.
    - build some flat, short wall and place it 1-2 cm over track in the place where you start - make it driveable and collidable - test - can your car move from the start and drive over the track?
    - if anything from above works - I'm sorry... (out of ideas) - Find the latest working version of you track and build again. Test often (before saving), make backups etc. Bad things happen sometime with btb...

    to switch beetwen btb and rbr, you have to launch rbr in windowed mode (look in rbr's RichardBurnsRally.ini file - there must be
    Fullscreen = false
    to allow the windowed mode) - in other case btb will possibly crash when you switch back.

    The situation like yours used to happen to me when I was creating very short and straight track for testing new objects. (long panel, two control points etc.)

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  5. SOBobjects Error

    So the problem is solved. the problem was in SobOjekts. I read somewhere that had a similar problem with rFactor. I deleted sobobjects I was there and everything works.
    Simply do not understand where the problem is (problem with SOBobjetcs).
    Maybe it will not be repeated in other modeling.
    Thx for your help Martinez! :)