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Car balance - Braking oversteer and Racing Soft tires

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Don Davis, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Ok. I just hit lvl 20, and one thing thats really nagging me is the car balance, especially when racing soft tires are used.

    Use racing soft tires and i get braking induced oversteer, and then insane understeer when on the throttle. This seems to be the case with any car i've driven (some more so than others). I've spent most of my time in the SLS AMG, and its almost not fun with racing softs on the rear.

    Has anyone else noticed this? I have read of others putting racing hards on the rear, but i think thats kind of an odd solution. I've also adjusted the brake balance, reduing the rear pressure to even 1, the lowest setting. Whats the trick to getting some car balance w/out using lower grade rubber on the rears?

    Personally i think 600hp+ cars should be a lil tail happy exiting a corner at full throttle in 2nd gear :p

    btw, all assists off. G27 used.
  2. If you want it to be more tail happy under throttle reduce the toe at the rear end (think its at 2.0 default in most cars). It massively depends on the car you are driving though.
  3. See. i dont think its all down to the cars. I think its more to do with the racing soft tires. wasnt sure if anyone else had noticed same issue. Take any car. drive it on normal tires, then add racing softs and notice understeer. Just to me it seems it shouldnt be that way, and to remedy it i'm having to come up with oddball car setups.
  4. I only have 2 cars with racing softs, and they are fine so i dont understand the issue, all my other cars have mediums at best.
  5. Then you are driving too fast, with sport tires you would've spun already
  6. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I just got hold of a zonda r 09
    Have to say it handles realy nice if you set the rear of the car to be loose.
    Drop rear downforce bring up front downforce 70 /30
    set toque higher at the rear and the power distribution to 30 front 70 rear.
    set toe in at front to 2 and 1 for the rear.
    this setup is no good for a long stints as you wont have any tires left after 5 min but for short races it drifts and hugs the corners realy nice and dont spin out and lets you drive like your playing a arcade game lol drifting corners.
    Oh yeah breaking set rear 70 front 30, this will let you keep stearing as you turn in.
    turn in fast into a corner early breaking hard and power down fast as you hit apex and you will walk over everyone you race.
  7. Sounds more like your LSD is wound up too tight. On accel the LSD kicks in, the soft rubber bites the road and the car just wants to go straight. On braking the weights coming off the back wheels the rear inside is forced to turn at the wrong speed and breaks traction forcing all the traction load on the outer which isnt enough and it all breaks free.