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can't see through glass

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jose Borges, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Hi all! I picked the templat of stock car nd made a skin for myself... changed the wondows' numbers and i don't know what i did but now i can't see through the glass with MY skin. all the originals are fine. surely one you guys can tell what i did wrong.

    thank u very much!
  2. Which templates did you pick?
  3. the ones from gamestockcar.com.br... vectra... stock_window and stok_windows..
    btw where are the ones for the peugeot?
  4. thanks. saving as a dxt5 worked... but i stil have a problem.
    I can see through glass when inside the car but not from the outside...
    do you know any fix???

    thanks in advance
  5. ok this is the problem (know). the templates downloaded from the offcial website kept making glasses not translucent. your suggestion was good and solved the problem of beeing able to see through glass from inside the car. from the outside of the car i couldn't see the driver. so i changed the templates of the vectra for those of the peugeot. It worked. know i can see through glass from the inside and from the outside BUT i cannot see the number and name on the glass... the window is just tottaly seethrough... any suggestion??
  6. ps... i can see the number from the outside but from the inside i do not...
  7. So it is a "window"problem, not "windows".
    PS with nvidia plugin or Gimp?
  8. ps with nvidia plugin
  9. Send me you windows file if you want but be sure that you have taken the files I gave you.
  10. haven't had the oportunity to check your files but i'll do that. should i save the dds file as dxt5 aswell with your files?
  11. You must use the files I gave you. The original files are bugged.
    Yes, DXT5.
  12. finally i was able to see the numbers from inside the car. i saved WINDOW file as dxt5 mx or something instead of dxt5 rgb. BUT now (LOL) can't see the banner with the color i painted it with... what's the deal with this?
  13. Don't know. Send me your psd, i Will do the save.
  14. Ok, give me some hours plz. thks.
  15. I see the same thing on screen and in your psd files.
    What is the problem exactly?

  16. my problem is ingame...
    when i'm in the cockpit i can't see the numbers on the windscreen....
  17. Ok. I will check this tomorrow.