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Can't drive fast in F1 2016

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by ClaudioRos, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Am I the only one who's struggling so much with this game? I consider myself a great driver. I've won several online championships in different racing games ( F1 201x, GT5 etc. ) and raced good drivers, but I can't drive fast in F1 2016. No matter how hard I try, my laptimes suck, my best lap time at Australia is 1.25.9xx without assists and with no setup.
    I've been playing it since last week and I still can't get the hang of the game. Anyone else?
  2. is that in time trial or qualifying/free practice? and idk how much time you can gain from the setup at that course, but why arent you experimenting there?
  3. Just tried a setup, and I gained nothing, just a tenth and a half. I've been playing this game 5 hours a day over the last 7 days and I'm still sh*t.
    I even feel '' comfortable '' with the car, I can brake late, hit the apex, and be fast on exit but still pretty much everyone is faster than me and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I'm not aware of other people having the same problem, and what's weird is that all my friends can destroy me, and they're the same people who could never beat me before... they couldn't even get close enough, now they could lap me easily over a 100% race distance.
  4. I am having a similar issue. In fact I've given up on this game and gone back to my other sims. My problem seems to be definitely related to the brakes however. I made a thread and video here:

    I tried the hotlap competition around China and my first proper attempt wasn't even in the top 55%! I was really surprised. I worked at it with a setup and got into the top 45%. However that is very low for me.

    At the last hairpin I have to brake way earlier - around the 150m board - and then I always get a brake lock up at the end. Gamepad users seem to be braking at the 100m board with no lockups.

    The whole thing left me wondering what was going on.

    I'm using no assists by the way.

    I went back to Raceroom and tried the Leaderboard Challenge for their "Formula 2" car at Spa and managed to get all the way up to 31st out of 270, so it must be a problem with F1 2016.

    I'm wondering if this game is very biased toward gamepad users?

    @ClaudioRos Are you using a wheel or gamepad? I am using a Thrustmaster T500RS.

    I'm hoping for some patch from CM but after two weeks of trying it left me feeling quite irritated.

    In short I don't know what to say really. :cry:
  5. I've only been sim driving since November 2015 so I consider myself rather new. I was doing Race Factor 2 but there were several issues there that led me to F1 2016. Even with the AI at easy, I am still behind with the Sauber in career. I have one 8th place finish but all the rest have been near the bottom of the chart. I'm sure there's others like me, but most of the people who post say they are driving at the top levels and I just don't see how. At Monaco, by the time I hit the start/finish line, I can't even see the 21st position driver any more. Coming out of a 1st gear turn where we are bumper to bumper, the AI just pull away from me down the long straights without DSR. In qualifying, I was 5 seconds behind position 21. Add to that the constant manhandling by the AI pushing me off the track from all sides and it's really frustrating. I think I have enough hours in to be better than I am (though I'm in my 60s and probably have lot a lot). Maybe there is something at issue...or maybe I just stink and ought to take up something like Farming Simulator (I was raised on a farm; maybe I'd be good at that).
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  6. I think I discovered tonight that part of my stink problem is my G27. Sometimes it acts like I'm pushing snow with a plough on the front of the car. You turn the wheel and the car still goes straight. I discovered other people talking about G27 lag. So I turned off the Logitech profiler and defined the basics in joy.cpl, made some in-game saturation adjustments and finished the 25% race in 17th, which was good enough to meet the owner's goal for the weekend and beat my teammate, so that was good. Monaco is a track where your sins are magnified.
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  7. In the beginning focus on a clean exit (=faster) of a corner instead of late braking.
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  8. I can do both at the same time. I'm starting to believe that there's something actually wrong with this game, the AI cars literally gain a couple of tenths on me on corner exit, even if I'm not wheelspinning. Secondly, the midfield cars are so hard to drive that legend mode is too hard, but at the same time I could easily win in a Renault on Expert, there should be a fcking difficulty slider, who cares if I can walk around the paddock and talk to my agent, I just want a fun racing game.

    To the other user, I'm using a controller, not a wheel, and it's actually kind of difficult to accelerate without spinning because the R2 button is very sensible.
  9. Just find someone on the leaderboards you know is on similar equipment and race against their ghost car & take his car setup too.

    Industrial espionage is rife in F1 :thumbsup:
    Oh and throw in alittle corner cutting :ninja: for good measure :thumbsdown:
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  10. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I read an article recently when the author was talking about a base car setup for F1 2016, but he was also talking about how. in order to be competitive he had to turn the traction control on to medium. Personally I haven't used traction control since F1 2010 and i'm not about to go back to it now. Perhaps the PAd users have a bit of traction control even when they are using no assists? I seem to remember F1 2014 being like that.
    I'm using the Thrustmaster TMX atm. I'm finding some circuits are more suited to me with AI set to Legend and some are more suited set to Expert.
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  11. ClaudioRos on which platform you are playing?