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Can you please help me get started on online racing?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by George Mastrokostas, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Hello all.

    I am looking to connect with rFactor sim racers. Can you point me towards the right direction? The public server farm in rFactor is chaotic and most of the times I cannot connect due to missmatches. By the way I have rFactor since 2008.

    Please keep in mind the following. I have a very busy schedule and thus commitment to a racing league that runs frequent races is not an option for me now. What I am looking for is to hang out with a other rFactor users in practice servers and the occasional race. If I am not allowed to race that is fine but I would love to just practice with other people.

    I can commit to races if they are Le-Mans types of races which happen somewhat far in between. I can participate in such races because I can schedule my time around them.

    At any rate like I mentioned above I am looking to hang out with other rFactor users and then cross over with them to rFactor2.
    I am mostly interested in the following mods, Enduracers, FIA GT3, HistoricX, NAGT.

    I am not the fastest driver. I am a middle of the pack driver. Very safe. I have been in iRacing since early 2009 and I choose to take my self out in order to avoid accidents with other drivers. So far only once have I taken out another driver in a race.

    Thank you.
  2. here at race department there is the racing club wich is pretty much perfect for what your after they run weekly races on different nights its not a league so you dont have to commit to anything all you have to do is be a licenced member which only involves filling out an application form and then having the right track and mod and showing up on race day no need to commit to anything.
  3. All our club races - http://www.racedepartment.com/rfactor-racing-club/ need no heavy commitment. All we ask is you sign in / out based on your current status. Providing theres still space you can sign in 30 minutes before the race starts.

    There will be a FIA GT3 race this friday - threads not up yet :)
  4. Thank you guys :)

    One more question.
    Are there practice servers for the clubs where I can jump in during the week?
  5. you can practice offline if you want as for the club races im not sure if there is a practice server up durring the week or not Lee might be able to shed a little more light on that one.
  6. I hate recommending iRacing due to how much it ends up costing, but... iRacing sounds like your kind of sim right now. With your once a month fee you get:

    Organized Leagues
    A system in place to prevent wreckers
    Races and practice running all the time. Great if your schedule is crazy like mine and you can't commit to certain dates and times.
    A decent community

    If this isn't an option, look no further than RaceDepartment Club events. Free, friendly, and has a bunch of events.
  7. Evan,

    Thank you for the recommendation but I recently canceled my iRacing membership because I was not happy at all with some aspects of the service. However like you mentioned their online model is THE point of reference in the sim community.