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Can you critic this racing?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Felonious_Monk1, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Can you tell me what I can improve on? Besides not spinning out? And also maybe tell me what led to the spin out? I'd appreciate any input. Thanks guys and gals.

  2. I'm no expert so someone else might correct me, but it looks like lift off oversteer to me. You go off the gas which makes the weight shift forwards, less weight on the rear wheels while you are turning in = oversteer.
    The Skippy is a fun little car, but requires a bit different driving technique.
    Try to get done with all breaking in a straight line, as soon as you start turning in to the corner apply some throttle and keep on it through the corner, sometimes you might even apply both braking and throttle at the same time to keep the car stable.
  3. Thanks for the input. And the title should say "critique" not critic. Sorry.
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  4. Focus on the racing line, that's the #1 spot you should be focusing on. Be conservative on the throttle and brake until you're able to consistently reach the apexes. Always make each corner as shallow as possible by using the entire width of the track.

    One example is the corner after the left hander. You're staying on the far right side of the track to enter the right hand corner. You should stay farther to the left coming out of the left hander, which will let you take the next corner at a wider radius and carry more speed onto that longer straight.

    This video may help.
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  5. I'm afraid to hit exit curbs I"m starting to realize. I'm so afraid of running off the track that I don't go fast enough to hit them. I guess it will just take some retraining on my part to get over that phobia. That was a great vid. I subbed to that guy. Thanks for your responses.....
  6. The exit curbs are the least of what's slowing you down. Your corner entrances on the wrong side of the track should be the first thing you address.

    Focus on consistency, hitting the same line every lap. That will build up your confidence to get to the exit curbing without falling off the track.
  7. Should I go slow first and try to hit the line every time and then speed will come later? Thats sounds like a proper thing to me... I just need to hear it from someone else....
  8. Yes. Drive the consistent line, then add speed as you are capable while retaining that proper line. All the throttle control or late braking won't do a bit of good if you aren't on the right line.

    First get the race line consistent.
    Then get as early of an acceleration (without needing to lift again) to exit the corner without sacrificing the line.
    Then (after tons of practice) focus on braking as late as you can, but this is for the last hundredths of a second compared to seconds and tenths gained by the first two.
  9. I agree with a lot of the above. My only comment is; use as much as the track as possible. If you are ending up in the middle of the track on turn five (The Uphill), it means you can go much faster through that turn and stay on the proper line.