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Can i Stay 3 years at one team? [Please reply fast =D]

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Szeky, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. As the title says,can i stay 3 years at one team?
    I started year 1 with Mercedes,but i want to drive for RebBull and McLaren for the next 6 years,and i wanted to stay 3 years at each team, is it possible?
  2. I have no idea but I assume the team you are with will offer you a new contract if they want you. If they don't offer you one then I guess not lol !
  3. Didnt think it was possible to start with mercedes.....
  4. Me neither,but thanks to the mod i did :D
  5. more enjoyment if you own first season with a poor team :D

    2 races 2 wins <<
  6. PM me and tell me how you start off as a high team in your first season in a 7 year career please mate :) cheers
  7. your speaking of Career all teams eh? be wary as i myself have encountered a big error editing teams to be available on start, your unable to carry on to Season 2 game crashes, i think some users have mentioned it too.
  8. In my experience, its almost impossible to get a 2nd consecutive season in a top team.

    I am in season 6 of 7 for career mode. I have won the WDC 3 times (seasons 3,4,5)
    My season history is as follows: Virgin, Sauber, McLaren, RBR, McLaren and now Ferrari

    Even after winning the championship and clearly beating my rival, I did not get offered a contract renewal from McLaren or RBR - yet Virgin and Sauber have. Whats more, the top teams rarely offer contracts mid-season, which is probably where the issue occurs.

    However, I think it also has something to do with your contract objectives - you have to meet a certain percentage of them to get a 2nd season offer. Based on some rough calculations, I think its about 80% (combination of qualify position, race results AND final championship place - 37 in total).

    This might explain why I get contract offers before the end of the season with Virgin/Sauber every year, but haven't got one even at the end of season with the higher ones.

    I am playing on expert though, so maybe i'm just not performing consistently enough - I can meet 90% of race objectives, but only about 60% of qualifying ones.
  9. One of the bugs of the game is having to switch teams every damn year....And not being able to continue yir R&D to make the car faster and faster. I believe Codemasters did intend on doing this because just look at all the R&D squares on the R&D screen. Huh.