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Can anyone recommend a steering wheel for pc?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Anomalistics, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Will be using this for AC atm and project cars upon release. Money isn't an issue although not a crazy price!! (I play a lot of F1 too)
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    You can get steeringwheels in basically all categories ranging from very cheap (under a 100) up to very expensive (over 2000).

    If you are a casual racer and this is your first game I'd pick one in the first category. If racing is your passion but aren't full time occupied with it go for a mid-range steeringwheel and if you are an over the top simfanatic that spends countless of hours of racing go nuts and buy an expensive one.

    You can check out a wide variety of wheels here on Amazon but also can investigate a little bit more pro equipment in our sim racing hardware forums.
  3. I would recommend the Thrustmaster T300 RS:
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  4. T300RS opened up a whole now chapter in driving versus my old G27. Coupled with the CSPv2 pedals you cannot want more (ok, forget about the new 1500+€ wheels). Will you be using it mounted on a racing rig?
  5. i keep seeing f1 wheels with led displays, how is this possible? i dont think i have enough room on my desk to mount it :(
  6. Everything is possible, you just need "some additional money to spend".
    This can be done with F1 TS wheel if you decide to buy T300RS. And regarding the space needed to mount a wheel to your desk, fear not since T300 is a nice small package, i have it mounted on regular desk and i'm a little short with space too.
  7. You are entering a whole new world my friend. If you get this wheel then you will need to upgrade to new pedals...yes, they (new pedals) will make you faster.

    It's gonna get expensive...
  8. Especially since Fanatec's prices went up recently. But if you can, grab a set CSP v2 pedals.
    On the other hand, you will stop getting out with your friends, spending money on things that aren't simracing related, ...... :whistling: so you spend some and you save some.
  9. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    The G27 is fantastic value, good enough +1. I currently have a Fanatec Forza CSR and twice its been in the shop for repairs, but when it comes back from the shop and I feel those effects, its definitely another level from the G27.

    I have the CSR Elite pedals, and even though I've had to repair those, I would buy them again. Given another chance, I would get the T500RS set. I'd bet the T300 is good if pair with pedals with a clutch.
  10. As an owner of a Thrustmaster TX...I say you should go with the G27 for now until you become a complete sim racing addict. That way, when you upgrade to a higher end wheel you will have the G27 as a very nice back-up.

    My set up - Thrustmaster TX, Fanatec CSP V2 pedals, F1 add-on wheel, GTE add-on wheel, TH8RS shifter, Fanatec Classic rim on DSD Thrustmaster Hub adapter (this is for the classic cars ;)). A set of Fanatec CSP V1s as back-up and T3PA Pro pedal set on order.

    Total Addict!!:roflmao:
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  11. That's my plan. I'm planning to move to the T300 with the ProSimTech PT-1 pedal set when it's available.
  12. What's the best of the best to go for under £500 (with pedals)
  13. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    ^^^ I think you should get the cheapest wheel you can find first --- and go google / Youtube reviews that is what I would do .

    Bram gave you a good link for wheels / second post .
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  14. Thrustmaster T100 - Works for PC and PS. Cheapest wheel with FFB I believe. Great product.
  15. jimortality


    Mine is for sale in the for sale section!!!
  16. the fanetec stuff looks awesome but very hard to get in england?
  17. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    Go buy Jim wheel or are you just taken the piss here ? Lol
  18. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

  19. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

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  20. still undecided on what to buy... I want high quality but then i hear thrust is plastic and not soo good? I would buy the fantec but delivery is too long?