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Calculate gas ???

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by benito, May 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi
    Do you have any program for calculate gas before the race
    i mean how many liters i need to use per lap but exactly calculating ? rfactor give you for example 10-11 liters for 3 laps there is 3.3 or 3.6
    i want to know like one lap is 2.158 liter :)
  2. rFactor often predicts wrongly depending on the car type on each track, so the only way to calculate is to drive 5-10 laps, look at how much fuel you have left, then calculate amount of fuel when starting minus fuel when exiting divided by number of laps driven. Then you will get the best assumption of fuel usage per lap.
  3. Yes Stream Thank You
    I was calculate like you just i want to know any programs do have for rfactor but i think dosent ....
    anyway thanks again
  4. try to do what suggested above by Stream and then do the same (amount of fuel, setup, …) using the artificial intelligence (A.I.) managed by your PC
    then compare how many turns you have made with the two methods and extract a multiplication factor
    in this way, I think, you can predict the fuel consumption for any race length just doing your job by the PC :skywalker:

    anyway this is only an idea, it’s clear that the best way is to drive by yourself for a length equal to the official race, but this need time :wink2:

  5. Don't Motec I2 Pro give you the exact fuel/lap?
  6. Ok Thanks i will
  7. Yep :dance2: However you just take away the fuel at end of lap, from the fuel at start of lap. I tend to work out a few laps just to make sure its correct.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.