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Button Shortcuts?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Kris Cabrera, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I am currently using a g25 wheel and was curious if there is a way to change the throttle maps just using one button instead of using the menu and pressing left right etc?? same for tires?

    I am currently building a custom wheel with controllers etc and i though it would be nice to just be able to change the throttle maps and tire selection with an encoder or even a button is that possible in f1 2010 for PC? and do you think they will change that for 2011?
  2. For PC there is almost anything possible though i couldn't find anything on the web for you but it might be so u can change it ingame with MYF1. Sorry mate but can't help you out much further!

  3. yea as far as i know you have to use the d-pad to navigate, but i am going to keep searching
  4. You can configure macros for controller buttons in the logitech profiler, including keystrokes and delays :)
  5. Yup - what he said!
  6. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    One step at a time.. Premium Member

    I love my G13 for this alone.
    There are also stand alone keyboeard programs that will do the same (macro your keyboard)
  7. I tried the using macros with both my Razer kb and my custom built button box made out of a saitek cyborg command unit, it seems the game does not like any macros setup for that menu system, I cant get either to even register but it could be out of my own stupidity
  8. Interesting, could anybody explain how I could create such a macro using the G27's profiler? Because I'm not an ace at using that thing :)
  9. Yes could anyone explain how to do that? very interested???
  10. cricket...cricket...cricket...
  11. It's on my list of things to do :)
  12. Lol...when I clicked this thread I thought it was about Button's AI: He cuts the corners! ;)
  13. Very brief tutorial to create button macros in the logitech profiler:

    First select/create your f1 2010 profile and make sure it points to F1_2010_game.exe

    Then click on one of the controller buttons on the right hand side of the screen (the blue text) and click Select Command > New Command...

    Then chose a sensible name for the macro and put it in the Name: box (all macros must have a different name)
    Press Options... , tick Record Pauses and press OK
    The press Record and press the buttons for your macro (e.g. D-pad buttons) - I recommend leaving about 1 sec between each press just to make sure they're all detected by the game
    Then press Stop
    Finally press OK and it should work :)

    To re-record your macro, click on the text for the button (it will now be the name of your macro) and press Edit - [macro name]
    Here just press Record then Stop again to re-record the macro and press OK

    To remove the macro from the button, click the text for the button and press Restore default (Button [#])

    Hope that's helpful :)
  14. Very helpful, I've tried it out and it works just fine, thanks!

    Only thing I needed to change was the profile's .exe file.It wouldn't start with the F1_2010_game.exe,it needed the f1_2010.exe file, but I guess that doens't change much, does it? =)