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Button Box

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by SergioCarr, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. I've just started a button box, using an old MS Sidewinder Wheel controller. I'ts just a 3 axis 8 buttons controller, but it'll give me some basic functions I need for iRacing.

    Now the box itself is done, the 8 buttons are working fine.

    As for the 3 analog inputs which were initially assigned for axis pots I have some difficulty:

    1st my idea was to use one pot for spotters volume and the other two to use rotary encoders for brake bias and POV +/-
    I've tried to connect one of these to a two way switch (on/off/on) but since the controller still thinks it's a pot once I do one touch one direction the axis goes all the way and I am only able to go in the other direction (like a on/off button but returning to the middle position. is there any software I can use to configure this? I am using the original MS driver, by the way. The other problem with this driver is that X and Y axis cannot be separated. Also a problem here since I wanted them to work independently.

    Any help on the sub would be welcomed :) thx in advance!

    Sergio Carr
  2. Hmm, I bought some cheap software to make my logitech joystick work as a 4 speed shifter a lil while back, maybe that could be of any help to you, can't recall the name right now, I tried it once and haven't used it since (it did work though), but I'll try to recall and post a link.
  3. @SergioCarr Sry m8 can't find the software lol, if I happen to remember it I'll pop back and post.