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[BUILD 125] How to use our own Skin

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Jean-Christophe Pires, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. Howuseskinclio.jpg
    [BUILD 118] How to use our own Skin
    First I'm not going to explain you how to make your own skins, only once make how get it in the game in the new build 118.

    We are going to use the Renault clio cup number 12 for example.

    Once your .dds file Clio_12alt.dds was created "don't forget alt after Clio_12, just before .dds", you have to save it in this way:

    Create a new folder in rfactor2 / userdata / player / setups that you called Renault_clio
    In this one create a new folder that you called clio_12
    Save your .dds file in

    You have to have:


    In blue the First folder
    In green the sub-folder
    In red a .dds file

    Fo the other cars a destination are:

    Replace xx by the car number

    Brabham BT 20:

    Formula Master ISIr:

    Formula two:

    Formula Renault3.5 series:

    Historic open wheels "EVE F1"

    Historic Open Wheels "EVE F2"

    Historic Open Wheels "EVE F3"

    Historic Open Wheels "SPARK F1"

    Historic Open Wheels "SPARK F2"

    Historic Open Wheels "SPARK F3"

    Meganes trophy:

    Nissan 370 gt4:

    Nissan GTR

    I hope to have found the solution for many, and hope to see a maximum of skins soon !!!

    Psd templates "ISI sources":

    Brabham BT20: http://www.imagespaceinc.com/downloads/rf2templates/brabham_bt20.zip

    Eve: http://www.imagespaceinc.com/downloads/rf2templates/EVE.zip

    Spark: http://www.imagespaceinc.com/downloads/rf2templates/Spark.zip

    FIA Formula Two: http://www.imagespaceinc.com/downloads/rf2templates/F2.zip

    Renault Clio Cup: http://www.imagespaceinc.com/downloads/rf2templates/CLIO_CUP.zip
    Renault Clio Cup Windows and Wheels: http://www.imagespaceinc.com/downloads/rf2templates/CLIO_CUP_WINDOWWHEELS.zip

    Renault Megane Trophy: http://www.imagespaceinc.com/downloads/rf2templates/MEGTROPHY.zip

    Renault FR3.5 Series: http://www.imagespaceinc.com/downloads/rf2templates/FR35.zip

    GT World Endurance Championship: http://www.imagespaceinc.com/downloads/rf2templates/nissan.zip

    ISI Formula Master: http://www.imagespaceinc.com/downloads/rf2templates/FISIR_2011.zip

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  2. Works on the build!!
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  3. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Unstikied this one, and added it to the general FAQ and Questions.
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