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Bugs and Performance

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Gorgoms, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    In Moscow Raceway is needed a lot of optimization, between turns 2 and 3 and too between turns 7 to 9, some times my fps falls to 20s when i got estable 90s in the rest of the track and between 80s to 120s in the other tracks. IT happens too in some points of zandvoort but only to 40s.
    Sometimes the exit Buton doesn't works until i press IT several times un the new main menu.
    Crossfire is still not working performance is the same for me with one R9 280X than 2 R9280X.
    When i finish a championship on DTM the Game hangs my system when switching to championship results page.
    Waiting for single player championship on R3E i think is simple to put IT, it's done on DTM!
    Thanks for tour effort!.
  2. Also from myself just a short tech question/advise.
    I've an AMD x6 CPU and can never drive a full grid because fps hit around 35-45. For the moment I consider to update an AM3+ Vishera (FX 6350).
    Can anybody please share some informations about AMD FX 32nm CPU's for this game?
    My main target is to get around stable 60 fps, is this possible to reach with an FX or is an Intel i5 (or more) essential?
  3. Sorry, i have intel here, an i5 2500k at 4,3Ghz, 8Gb RAM at 1600Mhz and two R9 280X in Crossfire. I think i could have better performance with this rig...
  4. Hi Jays.Here i have an fx6300 (400mhz lower than fx6350) and an r9 270x and i cant really play full grid races with 60 fps.Framerate is probably at 45 average on high settings 1920 x1080.
  5. Thanks for your experiences.

    @alesi27 My concerns to get no really more fps with the fx6300 are now unfortunaly true.
    But ok, have you tried OC?
    When you'll see in relation to the x6 (around 30 fps at stock clock) your fx with 45 and furthermore heavy oc, maybe it'll be near the 60 fps.
    I'm really sure because oc amd-nb frequency increasing performance dramatically.

    Seems more a general problem with AMD CPUs. You never reach stable 60 fps with full grid.

    Hope Sector3 will optimize much more the CPU usage, especially for more than 2 cores. ;-)
  6. No running on 3.5ghz stock at the moment.