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Budget wheel - advice needed

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Victor Ivanov, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. So I have a DFGT but today my left shifter button broke and stopped clicking when pressed :( This drives me crazy and I even thin it shifts 2 times with a single click. Not always but sometimes... It still has warranty but if something happens and they don't send a new wheel what should I buy? I don't have huge budget for a wheel so the choice is pretty poor:
    Another DFGT
    911 Carrera
    I know how DFGT performs and I'm not happy with the pedals at all. The wheel is pretty good but pedals ruin everything.
    The Fanatec wheel seems to be very good but is it better than the DFTG? Any advices would be appreciated!
    I play F1 2011 and GSC.
  2. Instead of replacing your DFGT you could take the opportunity and upgrade to a G27....

    (since you are budget focused I won't recommend anything else)
  3. As I said I don't have the money for G27 and it's quite expensive here. Some 350EUR which is ridiculous.
  4. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Before I upgraded to a G27 I had a Thrusmaster F430, it's a good wheel but it has only 270 degrees.
    I like the qualty of the wheel ( not the FFB but only the wheel) and flippers more than the G27.

    I fired it up yesterday but it's hard goiing from 900 back to 270.
  5. Sorry to hear that.

    When my GT2 broke last year I decided that instead of replacing with another I would wait for the CSR-E. While it was a (very) long wait the price didn't hurt that much since I'd been saving for a few months. And the CSR-E is on another planet compared to the GT2, so it was definitely worth the wait. What I am trying to say is that the move from GT2 > CSR-E is similar to DFGT > G27 so if I were you I'd wait.

    Any way to get the G27 off ebay?
  6. Well even if I find one the shipping cost to Bulgaria is huge, I don't know why. Whatever yesterday my broken wheel was replaced so I'm staying with it now and the money I wanted to spend on a new one will go to Fanatec and CSR-E pedals :)