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BTBXPacker Add Icon issue

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Andre_1th, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Cost me some time to figure out how to add the icon for your objects.
    Did read somewhere that it must be 64x64 pixels and the help file in BTB says only:
    "The only part XPacker cannot create is a small icon that is used to represent your
    model in BTB. A default jpeg file (128x128 pixels) is create with the same name as
    your object. Replace this file manually by making a screenshot of it in BTB, then
    crop and resize in an image editor of your choice."
    Still I wasn't able to add the object icon in an already existing Project.
    So what I did:
    Goto BTB\My Projects\Your Projectname\XPacks and unzip the Your
    When unzipped go to Your Projectname\Objects, here you see the default jpg's.
    Replace those files manually, by first resizing your original jpg's into 64x64 pixels.
    Delete the old zipper (maybe backup first)
    Zip the new 'Your Projectname' back into Your Projectname.zip (same name!)
    And done ;)
    Hope this any helpfull.
  2. The icons are in XPacker/Xpacks/YourXPack/Objects/FolderIfYouUseSome/
    You can put there any square .jpg picture giving the same name as xml files. It has not to be necessary 64x64 (could be 128x128, but what for - since the btb shows small icons ;). I sometime put files like that manually, then zip my XPacks by XPacker (my zipping program makes some errors and XPacks doesn't work later).
    The default icon is 128x128 and just says there's no picture for the object :)
  3. Yes sir, it's there also but somehow doesn't work for already existing projects.
    Hmm, seems to be there are several roads leading to Rome ;)
  4. Experienced that before also, try to zip with Winrar.
  5. I see, I'll try :) Anyway, I just got used to zip them by XPacker, it's also always something to add/change there in xpacks ;)
  6. Lucky me, no problems (so far) with XPacker zipping :D