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BTB Novice Questions

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by kohnboy, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. My first post here. Am really enjoying BTB thanks Brendon!

    And I have also learned a bit from all the postings here- so thanks to everyone.

    A couple of quick questions which I've been unable to find answers to in the forums or on the net....

    1) Is there a max number of xpacks you can have checked for usage at one time while working on a project?

    I found last night that sometimes what I checked did not show up.
    When I went back to the xpack selector pull down I found all them checked or just default checked. I checked the ones I wanted again- went into the project and they were still not available. Did I do something wrong?

    2) Am finding some xpack items are not showing up where I'd expect them to be. For example items which look like objects are under walls for example. Again did I not install the xpack correctly? Can I rename xpack items to what I think is the right category?

    3) I am looking to add a lot of local signage to my track project.
    What is the recommended size and resolution for say a coca cola banner sign to be placed on a stock wall available in the game?
    And how do you do that?

    4) Lastly- my first project is basically a track on an island.
    a) can you create water as terrain? How? Are there any water textures?
    b) my island is surrounded on all sides by mountains or buildings.
    Can I take a panoramic picture and put it into my track as a background?

    Sorry for 4 questions. But I cleared some major hurdles learning this weekend- and these 4 are big ones I need to learn about.

    The work of those on this forum is great.
    Thanks for your time.
  2. hi,

    1) mmm, I dont know, I use quite a lot Expansions pack, without any

    2) could you upload a picture?, can not imagine?, renaming?, I suppose so, creating another Xpack with new names.

    3), I use Sketch up and my imagination, to make banners and buildings, I use the max resolution I found, keepeng in mid always "the power of 2"

    4a) yes, make an xPack, called my textures with a selection of desired textures.

    4b) I do this with 3dsimed, another program to make circuits, you can take a picture and make a "set" of sea, or any other kind of landscape.

    see you
  3. ALVAZ,
    Thanks for writing back....

    For 1) and 2) now all the xpacks show even if I have not selected them when opening BTB. Odd. But I'm working with it....

    For 3) I downloaded Sketch Up today and am going to work in it.

    4a) I made a xpack as a test and tried at first to add a logo to a wall from it. I can see it in BTB but it loads sideways! Any hints? Can I rotate it??

    Also found when I used the stock texture they load sideways as well....
    So trust it is something I just don't know how to do yet.

    I saw a new GTR2 track today elsewhere with water in the background so I'll do this also later.

    4b) the picture background will be the last thing to do I think- I need to plan a trip to take the photos with equipment so last thing then.

    Thanks for the advice.
  4. hi,
    1) 2), Im afraid I m not understanding, do you want not to see all the xpacks, while openning a proyect in BTB?, if so, you need to see them!!, because sometimes you want to use another one,

    3) fine!!

    4) dont worry about the initial position, the same happens to me, but remember that BTB alows us to rotate the texture, see help

    5) Search on the web for photos of landscapes

  5. The xpack thing seems to be inconsistent. No worries on it though.
    Figured out the rotation of textures.

    Now have textures on the wrong side of walls though.
    As in not facing the track.

    That also is a beginner mistake. Any tips on that one appreciated...

    Am making good progress though.
    Thanks for the help.
  6. Another one which is probably a basic but one I cannot seem to find an answer or tutorial vid on...

    In a few xpacks there are billboards included. In one pack uploaded here from Ennis the billboard has an rFactor logo on it. In game it goes blank. I'm assuming I can add a texture/image to the billboard to create different billboards around the track...

    But how do I do that!? Is it a texture thing?
    Does a billboard automatically accept an image on the billboard face?
    I must be missing something on this.....

    Sorry for a silly question- there is so much to learn in BTB.
  7. hi, are you Ati or Nvidia user?

    But how do I do that!? Is it a texture thing?
    Does a billboard automatically accept an image on the billboard face?

    tell me in which Ennis pack,

    If it is an object, I think you can not change the image in BTB, you must unzip, the Xpack and change the texture giving your texture the name of ennis texture, difficult to get good result.

    Advice, Use wall to make billboards, in this way you can change the image, as many times as you want, buuut, you must do a Xpack with your desired images.

  8. I use ATI.

    Ok. Checked it was in the Trackside Objects xpack uploaded on racedepartment.

    Its just called "Board". The board has rFactor logo on it when I place it in BTB. When I go to GTR2 it is gone just a sigh with wood texture. No rFactor logo....
    So I thought I could place another image on it in BTB....

    Never thought about using walls. Will try. But purpose built boards such as the one in the mentioned xpack would just look a bit more detailed.
  9. hi, With my ati card some textures created by me, doesnt watch well, dont know why, but i think this is not the problem, was only for curiosity!!

    And about the board, I dont have experience with GTR2, sometimes a change of textues has happened in Rfactor, but was my foult cause I named two different textures with a similar names, but i think this is not the problem, maybe an exportation bug??

    And walls as boards, there are a fast way to make them, to be honest i dont like the final result, now i do everything with Sketch up