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Skins Breitling Renault (Black) 1.0

Black Renault with Breitling branding (Ideal for season 2)

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  1. This is so epic! But I don't understand, I thought changing the sponsors didn't work... So why can't someone put a vodafone or Johnny Walker sponsor on the Mclaren?
  2. I wasn't aware there was problems with sponsors? Worked first time for me! I'm driving the Renault in career so that's why I made the mod. Could have a look at the mclaren later.
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  3. It was said many times in the request thread. I would love you for it!
  4. Each car has different texture mapping
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  5. [QUOTE = "Geert de Vries, post: 2303448, Membro: 220009"] ISSO e Tao do épica! Mas Eu Não entendo, eu pensei Change como Patrocinadores NÃO funcionou ... entao, Por Que NÃO PODE Alguém Colocar hum vodafone OU Johnny Walker patrocinar na Mclaren? [/ QUOTE]
  6. otimo trabalho como faco pra colocar os patrocinio da mercedes na manor
  7. Si señor
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  8. At some camera angles the car reflectance seem to be yellow, I don´t know if this can be modified.
    It´s just a detail, but it will improve so much.
    2016-09-12 (1).jpg