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Brawn: Team Orders Were A No Brainer

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Mar 26, 2013.

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  2. Ross Brawn was indeed able to score alot of brawnie points for himself with those "no brainer" teamorders. Wonder if the German side of the team will see it as a no brainer though
  3. Position on track after last pit stop. Rosberg saved fuel driving behind Lewis a long time so he had some to spare. Most teams would like to finish the race a lap after last pit stop, in their mind there is only places to lose and nothing to gain after that. And in majority of races that is true. Last season we had some positions gained in the last 10 laps but they are exceptions.
  4. If Red Bull had started struggling really bad i´m sure they would have sent Rosberg away to chase them down and see what he can do.
    But they were frankly superior and would have just responded had Nico upped his pace.
  5. Ivan Mills & Kennett Ylitalo

    Think of it like this guys,
    If Lewis Hamilton Transfers to a new team, then goes on to finish on the podium.... The sponsors will be queuing at the door.

    Lewis was playing down claims before the season commenced, now Hamilton has finished 3rd at a new team... Those cheques will be flowing in...

    That's my opinion on it, anyway. It was a decision which favoured the teams bank balance ;)
  6. Those checks would've flown in regardless if Lewis was 3rd or 4th.;)

    Hamilton was on a pretty severe fuel saving mode in the later parts of the race,so another thing i find odd is that he actually raced Rosberg on the main strait to regain his 3rd on the couple of occasion that Nico tried to pass him,yet stayed on the podium after and looked all gloomy and appologetic of how he didnt deserve to be there:rolleyes:
  7. :confused:
    Are you saying, that he DID want to be there, even though he said he didn't? MADNESS!!
  8. Of course he wanted to be there, but he got there in a way that cheapened the entire experience for him. I can't speak for anyone else but I know that I would want to win by outclassing my opponents, not by having them told to stay behind me when they could easily pass me. I honestly believe that he felt bad about standing there, while he was happy for the points in the long run ofc.
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  9. Seems that the reason they DRS:d each other might have been to simply draft of each other.
    Read a post on F1T saying Toto Wolff said that. Not sure how much truth it is in that.
  10. this a tough opinion to give cause i dont know what the feul data really was to say that they purposely kept nico behind lewis but i do know that nico was very disappointed about the choice that ross made and made the comment " remember this" as if to say you owe me. crazy race crazy crazy race
  11. Saving fuel???

    Why didn't rosberg use his DRS behind lewis to save fuel after brawns order?

    Why don't let Rosberg pass and Lewis could save more fuel behind Rosberg?

    I think it has something to do with Hamilton nr1 position claim in the team... Something he didn't have at mclaren. Future will tell...
  12. i'm saying he should've either stayed in 4th after Nico passed him(instead of heavily blocking him for the rest of the race) or keep 3rd and not lie on the podium.
  13. Sometimes i wonder if you even watch races.
  14. actually i watch the races rather closely,but it seems you don't
  15. Then show me the laps he blocked Rosberg. Emphasis on blocked.
    I have the race on my hard drive so just give me what laps and i´ll have a look.
  16. right after the order was given to Nico in the next couple of laps you can see him almost running into the back of Hamilton at the end of the first DRS zone,having to lift off massively
  17. Sorry Brawn, your orders made no sense at all. Unless you were afraid that Rosberg's car would break like in Melbourne, but then you would have told Rosberg.

    So yes, they made no sense.
  18. That´s not blocking.....
    He lifts off massively because he´s not allowed by Brawn to pass...jeeez.
  19. Hamilton wasn't blocking, how could he? He was in fuel save mode.

    Rosberg was told to stay position and to not challenge, so that was Rosberg staying close in case Brawn changed his mind to let him pass. Sheesh.
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  20. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

    I would like to see fuel gauges in the cars so the driver has to work out fuel usage and drive accordingly. Even if it was laps left of fuel/laps to go.