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Brake pedal problems

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ivo Simons, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. The last couple of weeks i noticed that i didn't had good speed in the cars.
    Now i found this.



    I tried to remap the brake pedal. Then it goes away but when i start driving the brake lights start to flicker again and i go to control options and it's back again.
    I have the same problem with other sims. So it's a problem with the pedals.

    Any suggestions? :)
  2. Logitech wheel?

    That happens to me every once in a while. I thought it was a hardware issue but it's not.

    Just unplug your wheel, run clear Logitech Clear Calibration Utility, plug back in your wheel, and problem solved :)

  3. Buy some contact spray in the local 'bouwmarkt'. Spray it into the pots. And you won't have a problem for a while.
  4. If none of that works, just set a 5% deadzone on the brakes. I have to run that with my bodnar box otherwise it does the same sort of thing in Evo. Only game to do it though so a small deadzone is an easy fix.
  5. I had this problem Ivo.
    I just phoned up logitech and they gave me a new wheel and pedals.

    The calibration tool did't work for me mike
  6. Mike his tool worked :good:. I better buy some contact spray also just to be sure. :)

    Thanks for the help guys. Hope this was the reason that a lost so much time in many races the last weeks. :wink2:
  7. I've noticed it doesn't work unless you unplug your wheel first and sometimes a reboot is needed before you plug the wheel back in.

    *Knock on wood* it's worked every time for me.
  8. Lol. Fixed the pedals with Mike's tool and i used Johan his spray.
    And got already 1 second of my PB with the F1 mod on the first lap. :D
  9. If you're wheel is still under warranty, Logitech may replace it for you. I had a problem with my G25 shifter and Logitech was very generous - I just had to send them back the shifter so they could check it out and they sent me a whole new boxed wheel (everything included, pedals, shifter, wheel).

    Great service.
  10. Ah I'm starting to see the old pedal problem again. 3rd set now over a matter of years ect!, Great tips on how to help fix the problems, Thank you :)
  11. Hmm got the problem again. Did the calibration trick and it works again. But it's getting annoying. If i phone Logitech do i need to send the old pedals before i get a new one? :)
  12. Logitech will ask you over the phone to try the calibration tool....just lie and say it doesn't work anymore ;)

    The support guy has to make sure you try that first (the call is being recorded).

    Once he is sure it's not a software problem, he will ask you to send the pedals in and they will send you a whole new unit (wheel, shifter, pedals).

    I've gone through this with Logitech 3 times now :)
  13. Thanks Mike.
    How long does it take before you got the new ones at home? :)
  14. Once they receive the broken unit from you, they usually ship within 2 days.

    The faster they get it, the faster you get a new one.
  15. i hope they use a better method of delivery than thrustmaster as i am still waiting for a new pedal set that was supposed to be shipped 3 weeks ago, the time it is taking i think it must be a little Chinaman cycling like crazy all the way to the UK with it on his back.