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Skins Brabham - Ford - Martini Racing - 1975 1.0

Ferrari 312t Skin

  1. Ad_Schneider submitted a new resource:

    Brabham - Ford - Martini Racing - 1975 - Ferrari 312t Skin

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  2. Car looks good except the tail (that black area in corners are out of place, plus second Martini stripes on tail is too much), what do you think, can you change it a little bit ? :)
  3. I don´t really know how to change that tail part yet.:thumbsdown: it is a reflective area i couldnt be able to find. About the second strip in the tail , i totally agree, but it´s the only part remanescent from the original Brabham scheme sort of. But if the purists allow me. I can make a better job. ;)
  4. Maybe to put (A HUGE:D) Martini logo over that strip huh ?
    Just an idea.
    Though.... an amazing one. :laugh:
    Or go the old school style, and just put some smaller "brabham" logo(s) ?
    Don't worry, brabham won't sue you, they have been anchient history for a quite long time. :D
  5. But the small Brabham logos are already there since beginning. :confused: