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Bobs track builder issues

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by emacoman, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. im having alot of issues and im looking for help so please help me lol i have blurry tracks in rfactor when i export tracks and when cars are racing around the track in rfactor in multiplayer when they get near walls with fencing the cars glitch around for some reason please help me i need to clear the tracks up and stop the glitching this is for dirt tracks and rfactor

    what do the powers and stuff have to be set at it seems like its only the outside wall near the fencing and stuff makes it lag i need powers scaling and mip bias anything i need to know please tell me what ever u know i need to learn this stuff
  2. open btb then click on the edit materials icon
    select the textures tab on the on the editor thats just appeared and there at the bottom is adjustment tool for the mip bias adjust the settings accordingly........hope this gives you some help???????

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  3. i am aware of this but it doesnt seem to help that much i have it set on -2 i dont know if that is to high are not but it is weird how the cars glitch near the catch fence
  4. try racking it up to -4 or -5 I can't remember if it was 4 or -4 try settings both ways.
  5. -4 should be good.
    Also check your Rfactor graphics settings.
  6. hey guys that fixed the clarity of the track but i still get the glitching near the catch fencing im not sure what is wrong here is the download if u guys wanna check it out www.bernhardgraphix.com then go to downloads and get eldora speedway beta and grandview v2 i really need to fix this issue not sure if it is outside wall or catch fencing but i need to figure it out please help
  7. does transparency or shader matter and how about rfactor matrial name just covering all bases the skipping only happens when ur really close to or hit the wall it is very odd
  8. hey guys it is doing that glitching this near inside and outside walls every wall u get near it glitches you its like your lagging all over the place any fixes to it?????
  9. is anyone gunna help i spent 70 dollars on a program that dont work right i should get my money back or atleast get it fixed any help would be appreciated when u get near the walls the car skips around can anyone tell me what walls have to be set at and stuff i have bobs pro
  10. Can you make a video of the glitching?
    I don't understand what symptoms your trying to explain, is the car getting stuck in the wall and then it starts to freeze, move a frame, freeze again, etc etc, hard to press escape and leave?
    If it is that, It's the collision physics that are set wrong for it. To quickly test it, put an invisable wall around it. (make a wall and adjust the shape to cover the object, then uncheck 'render' its properties).

    Or is it some other type of glitching?

    I'd download it and check but I have less than a gig left in my cap atm.
  11. it looks like how a car would lag around if there connect was bad almost like that when u get really close or collide with the wall but i can try to get a video if u want