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Skins BMW Z4 GT3 Team Brazil Blancpain Sprint Series 1.2

Paint layout used by Team Brazil on Blancpain Sprint Series

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  1. nice. I was just watching last years sprint race at Nogaro yesterday too
  2. I like both Sprint and Endurance Series but BMW Team Brazil only disput Sprint Series =/
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  3. They are better off in sprint. The Audis and Mclarens are hard to beat.
  4. yes, R8 its a monster 12C to
  5. Yah Audis in general are tough to beat when it comes to endurance racing. Look at the r18..
  6. in Endurance Bentley Continental is hard to beat too
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  7. very true. I didnt like the bentley at first because it looked out of place. but it grew on me and proved itself
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  8. we will see this season as will be :)
  9. cant wait.
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  10. Me too :)
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