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Sounds BMW Z4 GT3 sound mod 1.6

Asseto Corsa Sound mod

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  1. Great work so far. If you can fix the last bugs this is near perfect. I have noticed bugs during replays, such as:
    -car volume toned down suddenly for a few seconds
    -weird, high pitched sound and overmodulation when car moves towards the camera
    In car:
    - rare sound cutoffs when engine is under full load (as if lifting the throttel for fractions of a second)
  2. broken with update 1.1.5 :(
  3. as quick solution just reinstall the mod!
  4. aahh i see said the blind man, i tought kunos only changed the sfx in contentfolder but not in the cars folder... now it works, thx for fast answer
  5. But i will make an update in the next time with the new SDK...hope it sounds better :)
  6. thank you very much, really great work what you have done with this sound Updates !!
  7. Soundmod 1.3 is still working here for all cars with 1.3.5
  8. Never mind, your PM helped me fix my 'issue' :thumbsup:
    Thanks !
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2016