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Skins BMW Z4 GT3 Rolex 1.0

Fictional Rolex livery for BMW Z4 GT3

  1. Jempy

    Premium Member

    Jean-Pierre Blanchy submitted a new resource:

    BMW Z4 GT3 Rolex - Fictional Rolex livery for BMW Z4 GT3

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  2. Another great looking skin ;)
  3. Would LOVE to download but all I get is a Plain WHITE version???
  4. Jempy

    Premium Member

    Really strange Old Geezer ... you're the only one to have this problem.
    Did you try to download it a 2nd time ... maybe a problem in your download ?

    Check your install just to be sure you placed it in the right folder, maybe a mistake when you installed ?

    Sure I should have received more than 1 message if there was something wrong in the files.:D
    357 downloads including Mediafire ones .... and nobody told me anything about such a problem.

    Please check the install of the skin.
  5. hi Jempy,
    nice job, congratulation :thumbsup:
  6. Hi Jean-Pierre Blanchy;
    Just downloaded two other skins with NO problem, the Rolex one however is just called "content" & downloads plain White. Even tried re-naming it "Rolex" but got the same result. It's a shame because it's one of the VERY BEST skins I've seen for this ride! :(
  7. Jempy

    Premium Member

    You just have to unzip the .rar file into the main folder of Assetto Corsa
    The car will automatically been placed in the right folder. ...

    Else, unzip in a temp folder on desktop and move the folder Content/cars/bmw_z4_gt3/skins/Rolex_Passion_Meca_2013 at the same place in the game.

    I just tried after downloading again here to check if there's no problem in the download.... and as already said above .... it's working

    So surely you made a mistake somewhere when installing the skin. ;)
  8. THANX Jean-Pierre Blanchy;

    But still can't make it work. Have downloaded over 75 skins & this is the first to require "Un-Zipping". I am NOT a "Computer Guy" so am most likely to blame.

    THANKS Again...O.G. [​IMG]
  9. very nice mister jempy