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Blender questions

Discussion in 'Racer' started by GizmoPower, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. I would like to know how to make an edge sharp?

    I have done it before I think..? But cant remember how, or what I did.
    Just got the glow back and pulled up a project I would like to try to finish.

  2. I'll see if I can find the answer in my tutorial files.
  3. Tanx boomer541. I do think it might have to do with crease.(shift+E).?
    I have "separated" and used "loop sudivide"to get a sharp edge.
    Also selected the edge and used "bevel" and enter, <- (The best way for now)
    but there must be a proper way doing it.. or is one of theese the proper way?
    Maybe I just remember wrong.. :D
  4. Shift-E is for when you have a subsurface going on, it adjusts how sharp the edge is after the subsurf.

    You can also use the modifier EdgeSplit, with 'from edge angle' and 'from marked as sharp': I use an angle of about 40 degrees. You can mark edges as sharp with Ctrl+E (it's #11 to set, #12 to clear - forget how hotkeys work above 9)

    And of course in either case you need to apply the modifier to see the effect ingame.
  5. Thank you Stereo.
    That worked really nice!
    I marked the edge as sharp with ctrl+E then added modifier edge split and split angle 40.
    Nice :D
  6. They beat me to it.
  7. Can somebody help me,with some more photos from this(from tutorial for making a track in Blender)?
    And this is the test track http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5V22KB2R
  8. The photos just show what the track section looks like in Blender. Just add detail in Blender for the objects desired and then when continuing the Tutorial you can generate the track with the details automatically.

    Just play around with it to see the effect. Remember that you can save the .bend file at any time that you know things are correct and just reload the .blend file when you make a mistake.

    Hope this helps, I wrote the Tut.
  9. In Blender do you have smooth groups?

    Does a sharp edge actually get split, or just not smoothed over with normals?

  10. With the EdgeSplit modifier, it's kinda both - for rendering purposes (and if you apply the modifier to the mesh, as you have to in order for Racer to get it), the edge is actually split. In editing mode, it's treated as a single edge still.