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Tracks Blackwood 1.02

Blackwood Tiago Lima LiveFor speed

  1. Tiago Lima submitted a new resource:

    Blackwood - Blackwood Tiago Lima LiveFor speed

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  2. Looks absolutely fantastic
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  3. Wow!
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  4. Nice to see a LFS track. Aston would be a dream coming true if possible. Thanks.
  5. Oh boy - please more of this! I'm in LFS nostalgic mode right now :) :)
  6. that is a really nice feeling driv in it in ac :)
  7. Yeah it is :) Are you planning on converting more of those? SO and AS would be equally awesome as would all the other tracks be. Kyoto has had one of the best flows in Simracing with somw downforce, imho. Even in the age of iRacing and AC's laser scanned tracks I'm constantly missing those invented by Scawen and the others.. :)
  8. Thanks Tiago!!!
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  9. please spare me with this garbage tracks. omg where is the quality?
    you produce only garbage. sorry
  10. @Tiago Lima Thank you very much!

    I tried it yesterday. This track is very nice to drive with a lot of FPS and very nice textures, beautiful!
  11. okay sorry. looks not so bad as i thought.
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  12. ..:sick::confused::mad:
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  13. Lazarou


    Take a slice.

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  14. oh thanks.
    but till now i dont like any of all mod tracks except for the nordschleife.
    some tracks are really garbage you have to agree with me.
    sorry my english is garbage
  15. It is ok to have your own opinion, no doubt. But if you call it bad and garbage before you

    even gave it a try you shouldnt be surprised if people do not agree. Greets PVL.
  16. I have to say, this is one of the few track mods I think is good to go. I don't think I would change much at all. Well done.
  17. Oh and you must have in mind that even if its garbage its because that "particular track" could be old or have old textures or even the modder is "starting" the "modding thing"

    What happens is that by receiving such comments might lead the "small modder" to not become the "great modder" one day...if you know what i mean ofc

    Ofc sometimes people must hear "something" "good and bad" but resuming hours of work into that kind of sentence is not good or healthy :)....Not the case in this one

    Cheers and be kind to people who is kind for you...everybody wins :thumbsup:
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  18. 3d grass
  19. Tiago Lima updated Blackwood with a new update entry:

    Blackwood Minor fixes

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  20. Currently my favorit, I would say, for hot lapping, I was really pleasantly suprised by this track!

    Is anything else than hot lapping supposed to work (for me race against AI did not work well)?
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