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Misc Black Pearl Post-Processing Preset 0.2

Custom filter for a clearer, well exposed image. Default/g&b weathers compatible, AC 1.11.x.

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    Black Pearl post-processing preset ('Graphics mod') - Custom filter for a clear, well exposed image compatible to default weathers.

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  2. I think your mod is looking a little bit better to me as Wagnums awesome postprocessing mod. But this looks more like reality.
  3. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke
    Premium Member

    Hi There. I know you posted the settings from Nvidia Inspector, but could you also post the settings from the Nvidia control panel. I do a lot of video work, so I have Vertical Sync set to Adaptive, as this removes the jagged lines I get when I record / reply in full screen and I record in 60fps, 1080p.

    So was just wondering what you suggested
  4. Well, the Nvidia Control Panel is a bit useless if you know where to set things through the Inspector tool, especially considering how insanely slow the control panel gets when you have a lot of games installed... but anyway. The settings are really largely the same as in Inspector as Inspector sets the same things in the driver.

    Global settings different from the default profile include things like AF 16x, DSR on with 20% smoothness (if I want to have Nvidia's downsampling method in any game by selecting higher resolutions - in AC that's not that great because it really messes with the launcher and Windows scaling), Negative LOD bias to Clamp, Texture filtering quality to High quality.

    For the AC-specific profile beyond global settings I use typically Inspector but I think that results in setting Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration to Single display performance mode and Power management mode to Prefer maximum performance. That's it. The other settings can only be set in Inspector.

    I personally don't use VSync at all as I cannot stand the input lag it introduces and I rarely experience screen tearing in AC. If I had a display that supports it I'd use G-Sync/FreeSync instead, and if I really need to cap frames - like possibly for stable frames for a video recording - I use MSI Afterburner with RivaTuner or Nvidia Inspector and hard limit the framerate with either of them.
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