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Big Force Feedback Problems

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by vanderloggi, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Hey there.

    I have very annoying FFB problems for a few weeks. The first few minutes its awesome but then it moves how it wants! Without any signs it steers to left/right in the middle of a straight or left/right on left/right corner. Sometimes its hard sometimes its soft sometimes the complete FFB disappears. Reset Force Feebdack doesnt work. I use Real feel for many years without problems. Deleted it without positive results. Used real feel and controller.ini settings from my GSC Profile, no changes! My first thought was that the wheel ffb (porsche gt2) is broken but it works very fine in Reizas GSC.

    Can anybody help me? It destroys my whole races -.-
  2. Reinstalled the game with complete profile and settings. Still the ****ing problem :( In GSC it works perfect, whats the difference? Its both gm2 and i'm using the same controller and realfeel settings
  3. Try moving your FFB meter all the way to the left (where it says a negative value) and see if it's any better. This has resolved the issue for me in any rFactor install because I've had it as well.