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Beta v0.2 is out.

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Kankkis, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Changelog

    G: x360 rumble intensity multiplier
    G: new drift mode, it is based on score and time not laps
    G: sectors status in time transponder is reset after each lap
    G: Driver Eyes Positioner is Default app (localization added)
    G: Fixed replay loading with cars (wing problem)
    G: Fixed replay GUI (slider)
    S: Fixed turbo still producing boost even after fuel went zero
    S: Better engine coast at near minimum rpm, no need half gas to move the needle anymore
    S: Implemented “FF Enhancements”
    S: Improved AA algorithm selection
    LS: Reverb effect removed
    LS: New default volumes preset
    LS: Engine volume tweaked for all cars
    LS: Backfires volume tweaked for all cars that have them
    LS: Rumble strip, tyre rolling, tyre scrubs and wind volume/pitch variation tweaked
    LS: BMW M3 e30 interior sounds improved
    LS: BMW M3 e30 fixed missing gearshift sounds
    LS: BMW M3 GT2 interior sounds improved
    LS: Tatuus FA01 interior sounds improved
    LS: KTM X-Bow interior sounds improved
    LS: Ferrari 458 Italia overall engine pitch tweaked
    LS: Lotus 49 interior sounds improved
    LS: Lotus Elise SC and Scura engine and compressor volume levels tweaked

    This update does not include the new content which will be released tomorrow as announced earlier this week.
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  2. wow very promising :laugh:.
  3. The auto update dont really work for me yet..:/
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  4. Great, thanks ^^
  5. Mines not updating either, so its not just you.
  6. Maybe real soon.
  7. Mine is not updating. Where do I see the current version?
  8. I can't even log into Steam atm, so whatever...
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  9. Stil on 0.1.2 here, not sure when will update.
  10. yep, mine is not updating as well
  11. mine never has.... is there away to manually download updates?
  12. Theres nothing on the AC forums etc to say all this.
  13. Agree, I think it will come out tomorow with cars and tracks
  14. If you look in the library menu in Steam, at the bottom click downloads, you should be able to force any games that need updating from there.
    Mine has not updated.
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  15. I didn't got any update too, but i've heard of a bunch of people that got it. :) anyway, i was looking forward to the sounds update to see if the ButtKicker could start to work better. Let's wait tomorrow with the new cars! P 4/5 i will spend all my weekend on her :D
  16. From Aris

    "Hello everybody, Aristotelis from Kunos Simulazioni here.
    We haven't released the update yet. The changelog is a leak that we don't really know where it came from and it's not even complete as the actual update has even more content than this changelog describes.

    The update is scheduled for tomorrow as promised.
    Sorry for this, but we don't know where it comes from. Thank you all for your support."
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  17. :( ............. nice try ...
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2013
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  18. Mapu


    although I do not have Assetto Corsa yet, I am still curios about the next content update - kind of strange isn't it :D
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  19. Turk


    If they could implement some sort of leaderboard system so you could at least compare times, it would introduce some form of competitive element. I don't seem to be able to put in really good times until I'm given something to aim for. The most competitive thing I've done in the sim is try and match times I've seen posted on this forum.

    If we get the hillclimb stage that will keep me happy for another 2 weeks.
  20. so shall we wait for midnight or ... ?