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Best team to use in career

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Mike Ellerker, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. I'm using Lotus as my team and always place in every race at 24.
  2. Always 24? you should lower the difficulty, or keep practicing more and more :D
    Well, in my opinion the best team is redbull but mclaren is pretty good too.
  3. It's already on easy difficult but I'll check the settings.Is it a good idea to install the game to hard drive on my xbox 360?
  4. I tried the Lotus and I too had trouble. The car has a lot of understeer with a setup I already had. Tried to tweek it a little and it was not much better. I would qualify around 16th-18th and finished in between 20th and 24th. Just a bad car. I started a new career and went with the Williams team. Much better, qualified 4th in the first race of the season and finished 6th and that was my fault. I am using a PC.
  5. Should I start a new career with Williams team or any other teams?
  6. Try turning brake assist off wiht it on you'll pretty much break at the same place as the a.i. and so can never overtake them.
  7. Can I do a custom settings or is there a custom settings setup on this site? The car always slowing down at every corner My next race is in Montreal Canada track that has 14 laps(Too much for a beginner)
  8. Yes, if you start 3-years career.
    There will be Williams and Force India, who want to deal with you :)
    So, select one of them, and start your engine!!! :)
    I started my career at Williams and have to say, it's pretty good. Not the best, but, at least, better than half of the pack.
  9. I'm doing a 7 year career with Lotus.I'll play the game later today when weather clears.
  10. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I'm on a 5-year career with Lotus and with the exception of Catalunya and Monaco, I've had no problems exceeding the session objectives. Just practice.
  11. I'm on a 7-year career and at the 2nd season now. 1st season I held with Lotus and won everything)
    and also my popularity was increased by 25. Now I with McLaren (2nd driver) and I've noticed,
    1) Popularity began to grow much more slowly than before (I'm still 25 up to Catalunya).
    And the q is maybe it's connected with bolid too, and not only with common increase?
    2) McLaren has more slots for upgrades, such as 2 unique instead 1 at Lotus, and others)
    Is it all top teams has the same map of upgrades or RB better?)
    and btw main topic theme: What is the best team for career?
    ps: I've also read that if I wont to become 1st driver team I must improve my car. Is it true?

    add: after race. I won qualif and leaded all the race, finished 1st.
    My pop is increased much more than before from almost 26 to fill almost half of 26.
    Objectives was 6q and 4r.
  12. Where is the best place to practice before advancing in career? Is Montreal track easy?
  13. Yup, to mm, Montreal is easyest track,
    but I also advice to try smthg at Melbourne and Monte Carlo.
  14. Like what.
  15. ermm start with turning the braking assistance off, car won't slow down anymore in corners unless you tell it to ;) You'll also be a LOT faster, braking assist is waaaaaay to conservative. Then gradually work your way up the difficulty levels.
  16. Hmmm to me Monza would be the easiest track.
  17. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    I disagree. The chicanes have high curbs so not really beginner friendly.

    Either way, you are better off using the practice session for each weekend to learn the track and braking points etc. Practicing on Montreal, then trying to race Bahrain is almost counter productive.

    Bahrain is a good start for practicing, 1) because its the first race anyway, and 2) it's a good mix of high, medium and low speed corners, so you get a good feel for the car early on.

    Back to the topic anyway guys: Best team to use in career.
  18. On my 3rd season now in the McLaren. Was at Lotus for 2 seasons and won the title in my second year with them. I had my 1st Pole for Lotus at China, finished 3rd in the race (wet qualifying & race) won my 1st race for Lotus at Turkey and finished 2nd in the title race. Blew it at Korea and Singapore :( The McLaren is a huge step up, will stay there aslong as i keep winning the championship so i can have number one, if i lose the championship i think i may move to either Mercedes, Red Bull, Renault, or Williams.
  19. What is the best custom settings for my career? I'm in race 12 in my career(Budapest track)
  20. The best team to use is your favourite team I guess lol. But seriously, to start out I don't think you can go wrong in the William's a very good car for the beginner very forgiving and of course built by the ONLY independent team left in F1 and built in Yorkshire like the Virgin. White rose 'till I die then beyond !
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