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best steering wheel for ps3

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Graeme Weston, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. does any one no what is the best steering wheel for the ps3.
  2. Thrustmaster TS500 or the soon to be released Fanatech CSR Elite
  3. What are you looking for? High-end or budget alternatives?
    As mentioned by Ryan: Fanatec, most likely top of the line, so is the price.
    Bit down the range.... Logitech (G27). There are cheaper ones then Logitech (even within their brand), but.... wouldn´t even consider it.
  4. I play on on PS3, I had the logitech G27, sold it, which is a very good wheel, but the Fanatec GT2 is 100 times better in regards to force feedback, the feeling you get back from car, road, oversteer, etc is amazing.... I also play F1 2011 sometime on PC and xbox360, PC is good, xbox360 don't have the same feedback from the GT2 wheel... I have 2 Fanatec GT2 wheel, one I bought, one was given to me by wife.. I will be selling on ebay for a good price... since I don't need 2. e-mail me if you are interested or PM.... Please be aware my opinion is of the wheel I am not a sales man , or do I need the money badly, just trying to help and give you honest opinion.. I have spend hours and hours testing F1 2011 with GT2 wheel and Logitech, because that's the only game I play now, use to play Forza, Gt5, Iracing, rfactor... What can I say I am just a F1 fan, after GP3 and GP4, waited a long time for a proper F1 game, that's why I bought both wheel and tested so much, to get the most feedback from the game, car and have F1 fun. Hope that helps
  5. Im likeing the look of thrusmaster TS 500.yeah not used a steering wheel since gp4 on pc last time we had a realy good f1 game.cheers guy's for ur help.